Michael Baggulay Takes On The Office Of Chief Operating Officer At Barclays PLC

Michael Bagguley is the current chief operating officer of the Barclays PLC, an investment bank and has been in the position since November 2015. He joined Barclays on a regular income and was based in London before shifting to high profile positions within the company in different cities like Tokyo, New York, Johannesburg in South Africa and London. Mike graduated in 1988 with a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from the University of Warwick. Prior to his current role as COO, he was the head of Foreign exchange and commodities in the Barclays capital. In addition to his role at Barclays, he is the director general and the overall leader of the U.S Dollar derivatives trading.

While holding the position of the head of the Macro products, Michael Bagguley ensured that the products generated good profit by overseeing the redesigning of the macro business by reducing the interest rates and foreign exchange regulations. The company is currently focusing on sections that have not been damaged by the rules like the equities and advisory areas. Michael was appointed into office after Justin Bull resigned in April this year.

From his CrunchBase profile, Michael Bagguley reports to the chief executive officer of the investment bank, Tom King according to a memo he sent to the staff. His primary duty is to push for the company’s new scheme aimed at reducing costs and increasing their profits. Mr. King also mentioned that Michael was to manage several projects and would, therefore, join the Barclays executive committee.

Michael Bagguley was also mandated to bring into cooperation the infrastructure factors of the whole organization. His previous role was assigned to Nat Tyce and Rob Bogucki, and they would jointly run the macro products department. Michael is such an asset to Barclays PLC having been promoted to COO at a time when the company was planning to cut off trading activities like their counterparts in the market such as Deutsche Bank and the UBS.