JHSF impact to society trough the assistance of Jose Auriemo Neto

JHSF profile background

JHSF is a prominent Brazilian real estate industry which is involved in residential and commercial buildings. It is focused on the development and administration of shopping centers. In addition, it concentrates on prestigious restaurants and a global airport. The organization was initiated in 1972. It is widely recognized for its ability to grab new opportunities in the market where it functioned. The company fosters creativity and its potential to provide remedies in its projects. These developments are the main core activity of the organization. As it expanded, JHSF diversified its capitals to Miami, Sao Paulo, and New York.

Jose Neto role in the JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto holds an executive position at JHSF. He spent millions of reals to create above the limited area. The firm purchased millions of reals in certificates for the extra potential for development. They have the vision to build malls and restaurants in different Brazil towns. The company is looking forward to investing in different metropolitans in the world. It owns several commercial apartments making it a wealthy firm. In addition, it rents a law firm, Pinheiro Neto which pays thousands of reals monthly. It is through these investments that it has been able to be among the leading ventures in Brazil.

His education and career background

Jose Auriemo Neto has held different management positions of the firm such as being the CEO. In this position, he monitors the brand’s interest in office apartments, restaurants, and public programs. He pursued his study at the FAAP University located in Sao Paulo. He started operating at the company in 1993. Later, he obtained the rights to develop the first shopping juncture, the Shopping Santa Cruz. Here, he evaluated the projects which were successful.

Developments of the firm

The Marginal Pinheiros complex consists of a shopping mall with hundreds of outlets and several residential towers. It also comprises of various offices and single mixed use. The residential towers according to Jose Auriemo Neto shall range for several millions of reals. They have the vision to build several towers and a mall by next year. It will be the privilege of Zeco to present the shopping complex. They have a plan to start selling some projects to Rodovia Branco.

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