Jason Hope Of Scottsdale, AZ

Entrepreneur and self described futurist Jason Hope gave his thoughts on what would come from technology in the next few years and how he thinks the world will be affected by it, “The future isn’t coming, The Internet of Things is already here. We’re no longer just accessing the Internet with our smartphones. Devices are now communicating with the manufacturer, consumer and/or other connected devices. This is opening up new and exciting possibilities in health care, retail and more.”

Mr. Hope’s statements are not without their merit. Many believe that within the next five years or so, it is a very really possibility to say that if a device is not embedded with electronics, software, sensors or some kind of connectivity then it will be considered to be outdated. It will be the modern equivalent of what a VCR cassette player or a chorded phone is in 2015, a thing of the past.

According to some, this year is the year that the mobile payment industry will start to become a far more mainstream industry. Recent figures show Apple AAPL -0.18% in the market and Google is looking to be making strides within the field, the industry looks to be in store for continued innovation within the field. Physical credit cards and cash are still how most people go about paying for things, but they are steadily losing their popularity. The reason for this is there are much simpler and more efficient options available for people. Healthcare has probably the most IoT potential. A $117 billion market is projected for the IoT in healthcare by 2020.

It is a thrilling time for the tech world indeed. Internet of Things pioneering is occurring quite quickly. However, there is a threat of all of that innovation being put to a halt or significantly slowed down if net neutrality is not addressed and made a high priority. Jason Hope had his words on this as well, “U.S. technology is driven by start-ups. It’s a bottom up industry that requires that access to tools be made as widely available as possible.”

Property Reports Made Easy – Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Revamps Website, Online Ordering Available

Title defects are among the major problems plaguing the real estate market. These defects not only hinder the smooth transition of assets in the secondary market but also lead to wrongful foreclosures. They usually arise when two or more entities lay claim to one property. However, they may also be caused by other factors such as wording and filing mistakes.


Fortunately, title defects are avoidable and can be corrected if they are identified beforehand. This is, in part, thanks to the new measures taken by Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.


Easy and Quick Access to Property Reports

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has made it easier and quicker to access reports about residential properties throughout the U.S. The reports offered pertain to: Tax Status, Tax Status (plus), Assignment Verification, and Current Ownership and Encumbrance.

Property reports from NTC are lauded as accurate thanks to the firm’s expertise in the industry. According to CEO John Hillman, the reports are backed by comprehensive research from existing land records and other official records. Additionally, human verification is included for accuracy and precision, and automation is utilized to make the reports easily and quickly accessible.


However, customer satisfaction does not end with accuracy as highlighted by NTC. For instance, the firm also takes into account the relevance of data and presents only the necessary data to save its clients unnecessary costs. What’s more, the firm utilizes its experience with its clients to customize reports based on individual clients’ needs. Most importantly, however, is the fact that these reports are available online and can be ordered from anywhere at any time.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. – A Brief Overview

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a leading research and document-processing service provider that mostly focuses on the residential mortgage industry. It is a privately-owned company based in Palm Harbor, Florida. It was founded in 1991 and today boasts of over 25 years of experience in the U.S. real estate industry.

As a testimony to its success, NTC serves eight of the ten leading residential mortgage service providers in the U.S. It also won 2013’s Inc. Hire Power award for creating employment opportunities for Americans. The is growing even bigger at a fast rate as it was ranked favorably not only in Tampa Bay but also the U.S. as a whole. What’s more, it is expanding its physical reach in the U.S. as it is set to open a new office in Dallas, Texas.


NTC Launches New Streamlined Assignment Verification Service





Meet one of Switzerland’s Most Generous Entrepreneur’s Mike Baur

It is well known that Switzerland has a reputation for excellence in the banking world. There is no other country that can compare when it comes to success in the financial industry. An example of this is the founding father of the company, Swiss Start-up Factory, Mike Baur. With 20 years of experience under his belt, he flawlessly runs his company as well as contributing both his time and money to various fundraising projects. He dedicates his life to helping others reach their career goals and dreams.

More About the Swiss Start-up Factory

It is hard to believe with it’s success, that the company was launched less than two years ago. One of their main areas of focus is startup accelerator programs for potential entrepreneurs who would like to be the very best in their field. Mike Baur’s unique program includes mentoring and coaching his clients on how to run a successful business with all the tools that they need to succeed. These startup programs even include a space for an office and a network of investors and other entrepreneurs. He gives his clients the very best chance at success with his proven methods of coaching with his own unique style. In three short months, an individual without significant experience can grow into an experienced entrepreneur with the skills necessary to run their own company. In the heart of the city of Zurich, Switzerland, one can truly experience the financial industry first hand in a way that can not be taught in books or at a University.

A History of Dedication to His Community

Mike Baur was only 39 years old when the Swiss Startup Factory was founded with two other partners. He was at the top of his career in private banking before making the dramatic life change of taking the chance of starting up his own company. It was the best decision he could have made. He may be known for being a financial guru, but his true passion is in inspiring others to fulfill their life goals. He also spends a considerable amount of time volunteering by mentoring young individuals who show an interest in the financial sector. This has earned him a reputation as a generous man with his time. He is well educated with two Master’s degrees from University of Rochester in Upstate New York and the University of Berne. He is truly one of Switzerland’s most admired entrepreneurs.


An Overview of Kevin Seawright’s Professional Life

Kevin Seawright is an expert in financial and administrative operations and is currently working for the Newark Economic Development Corporation. He has managed to build his stellar career by being a bright economic strategist. He is reputed for having successfully led company restructuring strategies all over New Jersey. It is this reputation that helped him to his current position.

Business Model and Role in the Community

As a leader in financial & administrative operations, Kevin is regarded widely for his calculated vision and the ability to achieve business goals and get new opportunities. He has used his skills for over 13 years in bettering the communities found in the East Coast area. He possesses a rare blend of team inclusion, business acumen, governmental operations, financial private sector and outcome competence.

Over his career, Kevin Seawright has managed to reformulate business strategies that brought about responsive finance/accounting divisions (receivables, payables, payroll and collections). These deliver results through alignment of technological inventiveness with the current economic and organizational goals. He has also changed the revenue planning processes that have successfully worked for contractors and their sub-contractors counterparts based in the mid-Atlantic region.

Kevin has used a number of fundamentals that have guided his success. Promoting reliability and efficiency in human capital, accounting, facilities management, change management, operations, union and contract/vendor negotiations. He enhances information technology proficiency and other useful tools that heighten capabilities in statistical reporting.

Career Accomplishments

Kevin Seawright has enjoyed a number of accomplishments in his career. Among these achievements include the revenue enhancements that assisted the annual returns forecast to augment by 25%, with the rendered services and goods. He has also helped the Human Capital Division through the improvement of staff retention, collective bargaining, change management, negotiations, improving recruitment efforts and compensation adjustments. All these processes have improved service delivery, improved standardization and an enhanced company performance.

Among his accomplishment’s the ones that appeal to me most include the revenue enhancements that he did to ensure an accurate forecasting of annual returns by around 25% and the solidification of the Human Capital divisions. These two accomplishments imparted positively in most companies in terms of overall performance and their service delivery to customers.

The Advancement in Cancer Research by Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of the leading experts on not only the process of cancer, but also research that can be used to attempt to conduct a treatment process that eliminates cancerous cells without harming the normal cells within the bodies of the patients. Despite the newness of this research, Mikhail Blagosklonny is a passionate individual who hopes that his research will be continued down the road in order to make sure that having cancer does not consist of an expensive as well as excruciating process. Mikhail Blagosklonny hopes that, one day, cancer will not only be able to be cured 100 percent, but that it will soon be eliminated altogether with the development of technology on ImpactJournals.com. Mikhail Blagosklonny wants this treatment to no longer be a luxury to individuals around the world, but wants it to be easy access to even an individual within the poorest region in the world.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is specifically a scientist who constantly conducts research in both the field of oncology as well as within the field of aging. Mikhail Blagosklonny is fascinated with the idea of aging and constantly conducts research in order to find the connections between aging and cancer on LinkedIn. In the future, Mikhail Blagosklonny wants to create an anti-aging drug that will eliminate any of the health concerns that are often associated with growing older. Though his ambitions are high, Mikhail Blagosklonny has always had the talent of inspiring his peers and his students in hopes that his research will continue even when he is gone.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professor as well as a researcher. Mikhail Blagosklonny loves teaching due to the fact that he is able to teach and inspire his students with what he is interested in. Mikhail Blagosklonny loves working with his students with research and hopes that many of his students will continue to elaborate on his research at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Blagosklonny. As a professor of oncology as Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Mikhail Blagosklonny has many resources at his disposal that will ensure that progress will be made and that, soon, individuals will have access to a cancer treatment that has a higher success rate.

Heroic and Humanitarian: IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is an advanced logistics service provider. Specializing in specific problem solving and facility management, IAP offers unique global services for its customers. Serving both the private and public sector, IAP uses a staff of over 2,000 employees to achieve the needs of various clients.

IAP combines professionalism and manpower to achieve maximum service satisfaction. The company handles large scale responses such as natural disasters and battlefield assistance on prnewswire.com. Each operation differs in requirement however, IAP manages to incorporate the the same quality of expertise and diligence.

Originally established in 1990, IAP Worldwide has significantly grown into a mega powerhouse of tactical professionals. Early on, the company was designed solely to deliver generator supplies for the American army. After assisting troops in the historical operation of Desert Storm, IAP became an infamous and universally known company.

The presence of IAP Worldwide Services can be seen in over 20 countries worldwide. The company operates in over 100 specific locations. IAP provides equipment installation for both American and Middle Eastern countries.

Following disastrous situations, IAP can be held responsible for providing electrical power to various countries. IAP can also be credited for the various life saving supplies and services they provide to globally. The company offers a humanitarian aid program. The program assist in improving the life of countless individuals.

Read more: U.S. Navy selects IAP to support contract valued at up to $900 million

IAP Worldwide Services provide more than heroic assistance. The company also provides financial assistance for employees seeking a higher education. IAP believes all individuals benefit from the advanced education of its employees. The overall objective is to boost their career development skills and further heighten their career development opportunities.

Persistent on building leaders, IAP Worldwide also offers a variety of leadership training procedures and opportunities. Current employees participate in online courses to direct individuals into a path of pure leadership. On site projects are also offered to employees looking to enhance their leadership skills.

Various award programs are implemented for employees of IAP Worldwide. The company encourages managers to produce spontaneous incentive programs. IAP Worldwide Services also offers specific recognition for employees who excel in the field. Individual and team accomplishments are rewarded by some of the many company created programs.

The capabilities of IAP services are unlimited. The company offers assistance in the air as well as on the ground. The company uses a magnitude of planes and helicopter equipment to deliver assistance in the air. The services of the company are provided by the advance technological equipment and technological training of individuals.

IAP Worldwide Service has maintained a reputation of excellence throughout the years. The employees of IAP combat dangerous situations in attempt to bring fundamental necessities to individuals in need.

More information on https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/IAP-Worldwide-Services-Reviews-E39430.htm.

Securus Technologies- Positive comments and reviews for the year 2015

Securus Technologies recently announced the release of its latest software Investigator Pro 4.0 with JLG technology. The software comes with advanced features and a powerful voice search and recognition ability. The new software is set to help investigators sample out a particular voice from an inmate or telephone call. The voice can later be used to sample out other calls where the same voice occurs. Securus Technologies stated that the software is set to uncover gang related activity through identifying people simply their voices. The technology uses advanced biometrics to help in investigation and solving crimes. Searchable voice combines a variety of features such as identification of criminal networks, group tagging, and voice identity.


Securus Technology CEO, Richard Smith, has worked with the team responsible for the Investigator 4.0 software. The software has gone a long way in helping combat gang-related activity and uncover potential criminal activities by individuals of high interest. The entire network of offenders can now be closely monitored based on the information through their voices and telephone calls. Most of the time, crimes have been identified and stopped even before it happens. The software has been applied and helped solved crime in a way not discovered before.


Users of the software have already benefited from the searchable voice. Securus Technologies has received positive customer reviews noting how the Investigator Pro 4.0 tool has helped solve criminal activities. Users of the software are investigators in the correction facilities. The new searchable voice feature makes use of the latest technology in the market. Investigators and authorities in the correction facilities can follow an individual’s voice, telephone numbers and even their pin. Authorities can further identify if the called party is one of the released inmates or whether it is an individual who had once been incarcerated. The use of the software has helped solve and reduce criminal activities in correction facilities.

When Good Performance Builds More Demand

Among the ways that business works is on the basis of supply and demand. Where there is a demand, there must be a supply for that demand. However, the type of supply that meets the demand has an influence on whether or not there is more demand for the type of product or service. For instance, if people get a low quality version of what is demanded, then it is going to result in less demand for that product or service. However, a company that does well in its provision for the demand is going to case a rise in the demand for the service.


Not only will the demand rise for the service, there will also be a greater demand for the company that provides the service. As a result, the company will turn out to be such a success that it is going to have to expand so that it can better deliver the service to the demanding crowd. Then more word will travel, and there will be more of a demand for the product or service of the company. Then there is more expansion. It becomes a cycle of prosperity for the business as people are satisfied with the products and services offered by the company.


One company that is an example of good demand is Status Labs. Status Labs delivers online reputation management. There has been a growing demand for online reputation and the companies that provide it. For one thing, people are more likely to recover from attacks when they have the talents of online reputation service providers. People who have been experiencing a loss in business find themselves experiencing recovery in ways that go beyond what they could imagine. Status Labs (http://www.statuslabs.com.br/) offered a great performance in what they are doing for their clients and the industry.

Tumblr: http://statuslabs.tumblr.com/


Billy McFarland was a geek who made a pile of money with Internet startups and then decided to have fun. As a kid, he said he had no friends but his computer was everything. “I had no friends … I had my computer,” he says. But he changed everything with his new black card, the entry key to Magnises.

Magnises is a club for well-to-do millennials with a sense of adventure and money in their pockets. It already has 1,200 hundred members, but it is exclusive; applicants have about a 70% chance of being rejected. It’s a card of black metal that opens doors everywhere but is not a credit card. It’s an entry card not only to the Magnises club, but gets you into flashy restaurants (ACME and Catch), hot clubs (Finale and Goldbar), and room upgrades at five-star hotels.

Trevor Gopnik, a co-founder and VP of Business Development, says,“Take this thing you’re using five times a day, make it more community-based, and then build perks around it that affect your everyday life.”
According to Bloomberg, Billy Macfarland, now all of 22 years old, is rapidly catching up with his social life.

From photographs, you can see that the male/female ratio is kept close, and everybody is well dressed. Magnises has original artwork hanging on the walls, cutting edge interior design, and is cool beyond reason. It hosts art shows, lectures, fancy meals, and trendy cocktail parties.

But as Billy Macfarland says, “It’s not really about some showy card. It’s about the people that have it.” Yeah: it’s a club for young people who make more than 75 grand a year and want to socialize with their peers. These folks are Ivy League and Seven Sisters, hard workers like Billy Macfarland and ready to party. But they’re not living off of their grandparents’ legacies.

“If you lay something as an elitist organization, you’re saying you accept people who are just sitting back and spending their trust funds,” says Gopnik. “And that’s not what we’re going for.”

Mike Baur’s Tips for Startups

Have you heard that Mike Baur is growing his new Swiss Startup Factory quickly and with a fierce passion? There are numerous tips that Baur has for startups, but they don’t come easy or without a lot of work. Baur started the SSUF in 2014 with two gentlemen by the name of Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. As one of the Co-Founders of the SSUF, Baur is also the managing partner. His main goal was to take new companies from the first idea to the very last step in the journey. Baur knows how difficult it can be to secure financing for a new business but his banking experience in the fintech industry serves him well.


The accelerator program is designed to assist those entrepreneurs that want to work in the fintech industry as the growth of digital tools in the finance industry takes place. This three-month long accelerator program is one of the top programs in the world, and has joined hands with a similar program in Geneva. Together they refer to their endeavor as “Fusion“, and are helping build great businesses and lifelong legacies in the country of Switzerland.


One of the first things that Mike Baur believes is a contributing factor to success is innovation. Hands down innovation is what drives the success of a new business. When products and services are new and innovative and they change lives they become the lifeblood of the business world. There must be creative potential there in order to build a business.


Additionally, Baur focuses on transparency and what it means to the startups. These growing businesses are nothing shy of a need for transparency on why they exist and how they operate. It’s vital that entrepreneurs understand the core concepts of how these businesses work and how they excel for the good of their respective industry.


There is no doubt that there are many good ideas out there but Baur also knows that a team is critical to making it all happen. Without a good team there is no business and there is no success. Choosing the right people is an important ingredient when it comes to your startup, and that’s something that Baur knows all too well with the team he has chosen for SSUF.