Serge Belamant The Blockchain Originator

Serge Belamant is an English businessman and engineer who created the first incarnation of a blockchain in 1989. He was born in 1953 in Tulle, France. Serge Belamant attended Witwatersrand University where he studied engineering, computer science, and mathematics. After two years at the University Serge quit school and took courses in information systems through UNISA. Serge Belamant is currently the co-founder of Zilch Technology Limited. He was also the chairman and CEO at Net1 UEPS Technologies Inc until May 2017. Mr. Belamants blockchain technologies has open doors for other cryptocurrencies and it has allowed banks, government, and the civilian population to conduct fast and safe money transactions. Serge Belamant developed this blockchain technology by using smart cards and these smart cards were able to function on or offline.

Throughout his working career Mr. Belamant has made improvements in other sectors of technology such as statistical methods and digital mapping. Mr. Belamant and Net1 Technologies was commissioned by Visa in 1995 to create the COPAC card. This is a secure feature that Visa uses against fraud, misuse of credit, and verifying personal identification number. Visa still currently uses this technology until this day. In 1999 Mr. Belamant and Net1 Technologies purchased a pay system called CPS from a South African bank. This pay system was responsible for paying out welfare grants to South Africans. He modernized this system by implementing the UEPS which supplied security, speed, and interoperability to the CPS system. Mr. Belamant used this same the UEPS technology to invent the first electric purse that could also be used on or offline. In 2012 Mr. Belamant and Net1 Technologies received a contract from the Social Security Administration of South Africa and this inspired him to create several new technologies.

These technologies were morphining, a variable pin, and the construction of a 1:N Biometric Comparison Engine. Morphing was very unique because it allowed smart cards to function with UEPS at atms. The Variable pin was just a new verification process at older atms. The 1:N Biometric Comparison Engine allows for millions of fingerprint verifications to be processed all at the same time. As of 1998 Serge Belamant has filed for 6 patents. In 2001 he was granted a patent for Method and Apparatus for Controlling a Gaming Operation. In 2014 he was granted a patent for Verification of a Transactors Identity. He also currently has three patents pending. Mr. Belamant mastered how to fuse technology with the financial industry and created many financial security features. Mr. Belamant is a living example of how hard work and his invention creativity pays off.

David Zalik Is An Incredible Executive – Better Watch Out For GreenSky Credit Or Face Elimination

GreenSky Credit is a public company traded on the NASDAQ as GSKY. The popular financial tech – better known as fintech, a crude mixture of the two words financial and tech – corporation is rooted in Atlanta, Georgia, where the company was founded some 12 years ago. GreenSky Credit – also simply known as GreenSky – regularly provides sizable loans to financial institutions, construction causes, solar panel developers and manufacturers, healthcare organizations, and a handful of other recipients.

Chief Executive Officer David Zalik helped found the company back in 2006; he’s held the title of CEO for 12 years straight without skipping a single beat. All considered, Greensky Credit has served just short of two million customers – to be precise, about 1.7 million customers’ needs have been satisfied by the services of GreenSky Credit – via 12,000-odd merchants ready to disburse funding to approved customers at any time, and ultimately loaned more than 12 billion United States Dollars to its 1.7-odd million customers.

Who is David Zalik and what has his career path been like?

Current GreenSky Credit Chief Executive Officer David Zalik is known as a billionaire by some of the top names throughout financial services, among the readership of Forbes and related finance and money publications, but not a majority of people he’s worked with through GreenSky Credit.

Mr. Zalik is an incredibly humble man for a billionaire – but that isn’t the only remarkable accomplishment that Mr. David Zalik is proud of; Zalik is one of the world’s few billionaires who were able to skip high school and still make it all happen more wildly than his craziest dreams could have. Before entering high school, he had already earned some of the highest SAT scores in the state of Alabama. As such, David Zalik decided to settle at Auburn University, where his first entrepreneurial endeavor was collecting subpar, junk parts from scrapped personal computers and later building full-sized, working personal computers that operated more effectively – the young, budding businessman would make between $1,000 and $2,000 per computer he built from scratch.

Talk Fusion: Innovative Video Marketing

Marketing and advertisement is a niche that many companies have down pat, while others are struggling to find the connection between marketing and communicating effectively with their target audience. Talk Fusion, a full-service marketing and conferencing platform, takes the disconnection out of the big picture and strategically focuses on the target audience with ease, thus giving marketers the tools and information necessary to build upon both existing and future campaigns with the most attention-grabbing video content possible well within their budget.


It is the goal of Talk Fusion to efficiently and strategically develop brand allegiance, preserve and improve upon customer relations, while providing continuous improvements in video communication technologies by changing the way the world communicates with each other. If you are new to network marketing, Talk Fusion’s Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, has created resources to help share his proven and persuasive marketing knowledge with the world through how-to videos, written guides, motivational words of wisdom, and much more that can be found within Talk Fusion University. This is, of course, all at a reasonable price that is sure to remain under any company’s annual marketing budget.


A recent improvement on the platform includes a new, more user-friendly dashboard meant to add even more value to the user experience through purposefully innovative design for Talk Fusion’s Video Suite. This upgraded dashboard also includes updates to their current products that implement features through social networking, broadcasting, and video conferencing, with easy-to-read analytic metrics that will ensure email marketing campaigns are getting the most value for their money through this beneficial service.


This newly restructured platform is so advanced, in fact, that a user can receive instant updates on the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and content by viewing their campaign’s analytic metrics in real-time. If a potential client clicks on a link or watches the video within the email, the user will receive notifications and then can update their future content to include specific, targeted words and phrases that will grab that same potential client’s attention in the future. This feature also notifies the user if any emails were not delivered, thus giving the user the opportunity to weed out incorrect email addresses and hone in on stronger leads.


Talk Fusion’s platform is for marketers that want to build their client base through effective and thought-provoking video communication. With these new upgrades, gaining brand-loyal followers will be much easier to do. Learn more: