US Money Reserve Is Now Connecting Customers To More Investing Information Through DRTV Series

US Money Reserve has been working to inform people on the reasons they should invest in precious metals, and recently they took it a step further by starting a TV series from Direct Response TV (DRTV) titled “2016 Gold Summit.” Just like a political summit, this event addressed issues related to the global economy and how gold and silver could become very valuable in the upcoming years. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Speaking on the panel at this national TV summit were US Money Reserve President Philip N. Diehl, numismatist expert John Rothans and former marketing executive Brad Castillo. Larry King, the former CNN news host asked the questions to the panel, and the son of former US President Ronald Reagan, Michael Reagan was also present to give remarks on gold and silver investing.

US Money Reserve is a privately held company in Austin, TX that has put together quite an inventory of gold and silver bullion. One of US Money Reserve’s first priorities is to help investors understand that gold and silver coins are not collector’s items, but rather assets that could come in handy if the economy should take a turn for the worse.

Many things from foreign wars to world debts could greatly affect the local economy, and if economic disasters hit then gold and silver can be a great plan to have in place. Precious metals can replace your paper money assets and then be resold when the markets return to normal.

Leading the US Money Reserve’s endeavors to bring investors into the fold is Philip Diehl, the current President of the company and former US Mint Director. Diehl has advanced education at Stanford University and worked as a public accountant for many years.

He started changing the way the US Mint ran after then President Clinton appointed him, and by the end of his tenure it had made billions in profits and returned funds to taxpayers. Diehl took his marketing and sales experience to US Money Reserve in 2001.

Since joining the company, Diehl has helped US Money Reserve become more informative and engaging with its customers. They’ve kept their website up to date to match the growing mobile user base and have included interactive menus and pages of information regarding purchases and transfers.

While you can order the bullion directly from US Money Reserve’s catalog, you can also connect with representatives through Client-Connect Advantage to resolve purchase and return issues. To discover more benefits about gold and silver investments, visit