All you need to Know about Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers Band.

The Chainsmokers recently released a hit song titled “Closer”. The song also includes Halsey. The hit is unique in that Andrew Taggart is the one singing. The band has a unique way of singing. Unlike others such as Deadmau5, the duo involves emotions that the fans can relate to. Alex Pall started as a DJ. He was passionate about the work. He was popular in various entertainment joints in New York. More often than not, his DJ work is seen as a leisure activity and not as a normal career path. After some time, he was attracted to dance music. He dedicated his time to learn about the industry. He was helped to get into the industry by his manager. When Alex Pall met Andrew Taggart, they did not waste much time, they started working together as a team.

Alex Pall had to leave his current job to focus on their new partnership with Andrew Taggart. Each of them had a role to play in the team. The pair often talked about their childhood memories and their love for music. Both of them met at a time when they were determined to succeed in their music careers. The duo was always keen on the trends in the industry. Alex Pall acknowledged that they had to understand what they needed to do to succeed and the potential challenges. It is from their observations that they made an identity that has helped them win several awards and win the hearts of many fans around the world.

Alex Pall refers to his partner as a super-talented producer. He has a lot of experience in marketing and that has helped them to grow. He is hardworking. He dedicates a lot of time to work in their studio. In an interview, he disclosed that they work for about 10 hours on a daily basis. His success can be attributed to his desire to learn. He acknowledges that they have had to set high targets to get to their current position. Music is his main source of income.

Malcolm CasSelle and the Future of Cryptocurrency

Most people have heard of Bitcoin and recognize that there is proven value in the idea of cryptocurrencies, but many of its underlying technical features create their own problems. The ledgers that account for Bitcoin transactions use a “proof of work” algorithm that uses huge amounts of electricity and which scales poorly. Bitcoin transactions cost a great deal in fees, and take hours to complete on the worldwide peer to peer network.


Malcolm CasSelle sees a role for these forms of payment especially in online gaming, and has created Wax, the Worldwide Asset eXchange, with a twist on the underlying technology. Instead of solving enormously complex math problems like bitcoin miners do, Wax tokens are exchanged with a “proof of stake” peer to peer quorum, while micro-transactions in gameplay can execute with the confidence that cryptographic techniques prevent abuses or fraud in a public ledger. The WaxToken provides smart contracts with its own p2p ledger and the proof-of-stake algorithm.

Malcolm CasSelle Celebrates Major Success in Cryptocurrency Market with Worldwide Asset eXchange Sales

The technology is part of a larger strategy involving OPSkins, the largest in-game virtual asset seller and the number one Bitcoin merchant. Malcolm CasSelle is the president of WAX and CIO of OPSkins, and sees a big opportunity to build a bigger online ecosystem and currency system. Online gaming is the natural extension for cryptocurrency, because a public ledger will allow confidence in the amount of inflation and verification of transactions that hasn’t been available in corporate currencies such as Linden dollars.


CasSelle has been a leader in the tech industry since the 90’s, and in the 2000’s was director of Hong Kong-based Capital Union Investments where he managed private direct investments of major web companies. He’s not just another suit, he’s got a graduate degree in Computer Science from Stanford to back up his technical chops. In 2012, he was co-founder and CEO of a social media tracking company called Timeline Labs. His many successes have given him a broad view of the market and the potential of these technologies. Notably, he was an early investor in Facebook at a time when few would have believed it would someday be a half-trillion dollar company.


Malcolm CasSelle believes WaxToken “will ignite the world of cryptocurrency to the mainstream” and that this system will act as a middle ground for the Forex problem of different cryptocurrencies being used to buy and sell virtual assets.



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Direct sales companies have been growing in importance for many entrepreneurs who are looking to carve out a career for themselves in the industry or seeking to add a comfortable second income to their financial situation. The Traveling Vineyard offers a competitive and enjoyable choice for wine enthusiasts who are hoping to earn some money and learn more about the wine industry with the aid of experienced industry professionals; everything needed to become a Wine Guide is provided by The Traveling Vineyard (@TravelinVinyard) with only a small monthly Website fee payable to make sure Wine Guides have the chance to work when and where they wish.

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In terms of the approach to marketing undertaken by The Traveling Vineyard, it is easy to see the benefits and luxury lifestyle the company is offering both its Wine Guides and the customers who are attracted to hosting parties. As the hassle of wine buying and tasting has been taken out of the process by The Traveling Vineyard when they deliver directly to each customer and require no upfront costs from hosts the social media presence of the company is impressive and positive. The Traveling Vineyard and its Wine Guides often post to social media Sites, such as Instagram, with the latest news of the addition of new wines to those available from the company given a major profile boost during social media posts. The affluent lifestyle portrayed by those involved with The Traveling Vineyard shows the impressive range of wines and foods that are paired with it at parties around the U.S. as Wine Guides provide the best in affordable, impressive wines for wine tasting parties where everybody has a good time.

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