Article Title: JD.Com Develops Intensive Relationships With Top Brands. Increase Sales

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As China’s largest e-commerce retail site, JD.Com works with some of the top brands in the world. The company has teamed up with premier multi-national companies to assist them with data-driven insights that delivers better ideas on how to sell to Chinese consumers.

JD.Com (also called Jingdong) uses the acronym Fast Moving Customer Goods to identify those brand and companies that sell a lot of products globally. To bolster their relationship with such brands, Jingdong launched its C2M model. That stands for Consumer To Manufacturer. It leverages JD’s ability to gather “big data” so that it can be used to optimize or shape the way products are marketed to end users in China.

Two examples of famous brands Jingdong has assisted are Huggies diapers and Head & Shoulders shampoo. Both brands have tapped into the high-technology, data-drive approach developed by Jingdong to achieve significant increases in sales. In fact, JD recently gathered representatives of 900 major brands at a recent FMGC conference to compare notes and discuss strategy.

Janet Cai is e-commerce director of Head & Shoulders, P&G. She said JD.Com has an “unrivaled understanding” of how Chinese consumers shop online. She said she looks forward to developing an even deeper partnership with Jingdong to serve the needs of Chinese consumers at an optimum level.

Consumer electronics is another major sector featuring top-flight brands eager to tap into the JD.Com vision of retail. For example, JD and computer giant HP (Hewlett Packard) teamed up to launch the OMEN Gaming PC, a computer built exclusively for gamers. JD experts were able to customize many aspect of the gamer PC model to match the specific needs of the Chinese customers who love gaming.

JD.Com has experienced explosive growth in recent years. The site currently boasts more than 300 million active users. Industry observers say JD is the world’s leader in making effective use of AI (Artificial intelligence), autonomous technology, robotics and drone delivery systems. It has also broken new ground in terms of infrastructure development. JD is building drone delivery airports and is also operating a system of driverless delivery vehicles.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong: My Journey To Business Success

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Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the most successful businessmen in the world. He is the founder of a leading Chinese online retailer, Owing to his success in business, Richard Liu has become a respected voice in matters concerning business and leadership. Through his visionary and insightful guidance, he has propelled to the apex of the retail industry.

During the recently held World Economic Forum in Davos, Richard Liu narrated his long journey to business success. Contrary to what many would expect, Richard’s story revealed that he is a self-made billionaire. He started his business from scratch and overcame many challenges along his journey to success.

Richard Liu Qiangdong studied at the Renmin University of China and graduated with a degree in psychology in 1996. His love for computers stems from his college days, where he engaged in freelance programming work to boost his income. With time, Liu honed his computer skills.

From his early years, Richard Liu was a man of vision. He was not satisfied with a first degree and immediately after Renmin, he joined the China Europe International Business School. He later graduated with an EMBA. Shortly after graduation, he secured employment with Japan Life, a health products company in China. Liu served as the director of computers as well as the manager of contracts. The experience at Japan Life played a crucial role in preparing him for a lone business venture.

Liu Qiangdong ventured into personal business in 1998 when he set up a company to sell computer accessories in Beijing. With the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience required to grow a business, his single shop multiplied to twelve within a short time. However, the outbreak of the SARS epidemic in China in 2003 dealt his shops a blow from which they would never recover.

Richard Liu is a highly flexible entrepreneur. The collapse of the shops did not dampen his spirit. Instead, he opted for a change of strategy. He reasoned that online business did not require any physical contact between the buyer and seller, and therefore, could not be affected by disease outbreaks.

Richard Liu went complexly online in 2004. He named his business Jingdong. Today, it is commonly referred to as From just a small startup, Liu has grown the company into a significant player in the global retail business. He serves as the CEO of JD Business.

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Agera Energy Powering Your World

Agera Energy offers their business and residential clients as an alternative to otherwise monopolizing utility provider. Learn more about Agera Energy at Crunchbase.

They have a new program for the clients who would like to make a change in their environment and wish to be more eco-friendly. This wind power energy can save both business and residential clients money on their monthly bill, but how much would a client pay if they opted out of the new green energy program? Agera Energy wants their clients to gain energy independence and offer numerous customized plan just for them.


Agera Energy currently only operates in a few of the United States, but are hoping to expand in the near future. To their current customers, they offer bill review, just in case the client feels that their bill is inaccurate. To their future customers, they offer personalized plans to meet the clients needs. With Agera Energy, you are certain to save money no matter how you choose to receive your power. Follow Agera Energy’s profile on

Organo Gold – Wide Range of Flavored Coffee for All Tastes

If you love to have coffee than you must give the coffee manufactured and offered by Organo a try. It is one of the most popular coffee brands in the world, and the best part is that it has many health benefits as well. The health benefits that Organo Gold coffee offers is due to the fungus named Ganoderma Lucidum that it contains. It helps in ensuring that you are able to lose weight quickly and strengthen your immune system. Organo is one of the largest network marketing companies in the world and the products of the company can be bought through its many distributors spread across the globe.

Since for most people, coffee is a staple, and they need it on a regular basis, they need to find something that they can consume every day and will be good for their health. Organo Gold is one such coffee that has been ranked high by its consumers. People have experienced better focus and health after taking Organo Gold, and they also recommend it to others.

There are many different health and wellness products that are offered by Organo, some of which are spore powder, Fenix XT, green tea, black ice, red tea, Mycelium, and so on. Many people who are looking for an income earning opportunity can become the distributor of Organo Gold, and the earning potential is unlimited. You can be sure that you wouldn’t have to try hard to achieve success with Organo’s products as these products are highly popular and are affordable as well.

Agera Energy Commitment to Provide Clean, Affordable and Efficient Energy

Agera Energy is a supplier of Gas and electricity in many parts of the United States of America. The company has established itself as one of the leading organization in the energy supply. The company commits itself to enlighten the clients on energy requirements so that they can make informed decisions on where to look for their supplier. Agera Energy prides to having energy experts with extensive years of experience who serve the customers diligently. The company has advocated for clean fuel, and its energy solutions have been tailored to promote the conservation of the environment.

The company uses technology to assist clients in making their payments online and tracking their billing system. The online payment system is fast, secure and easy to use which makes it convenient for clients to plan for their energy requirements. The company offers pocket-friendly rates to their clients with timely delivery of their services. Agera Energy supplies energy in many cities which include Massachusetts, Illinois, California, Connecticut, Texas, Virginia among other regions.

Agera Energy Partners with Cambridge City

The company’s customer service department that addresses clients’ issues within the shortest time possible. The department offers twenty-four hours of live support where customers can call at any time of the day. Agera has partnered with Cambridge city in a deal that will enable the company to supply electricity to the city’s residents and businesses. The program is set to benefit the locals due to the decreased charges that will facilitate residents cut on the electricity costs.

Isabel dos Santos Is Always Looking To The Future

Simply because of her experience in the technology sector and also her educational trained in mathematics and technology, a specific concentrate of Isabel dos Santos topics for presenting and public speaking middle throughout the need for Africans equipping themselves with the data to take part in the world’s increasingly tech-centric economy. Through relaying first- hands accounts of the need for computer- structured technology, Isabel dos Santos seeks to impress upon her viewers the worthy of learning proficiency during these areas. The girl identifies this global march towards dependence on technology as “digitalization” and views it manifesting from low-level tech businesses to cutting-edge analysis into artificial cleverness.

Among the benefits, the entrepreneur views in encouraging the quest for technology education can be that it could help to increase Africa’s existence in the international overall economy. This could help to change viewpoints of the country from being truly a recipient of help to being truly a valued factor to how the globe conducts business. The search would also provide to create many careers to the continent which have previously been unavailable to Africans. Through the use of just a computér and usage of the web, areas with a depressed overall economy would have newly found the usage of careers and wealth that could have already been previously not possible (Premiergazette).

Although terms of Isabel dos Santos pack a strike during her various speaking engagement in conferences and universities, a few of her the majority of effective impact comes from her capability to model the effects of effort and determination. Simply by serving as a job magic size to teen business owners, Isabel dos Santos actually is able to provide evidence there are indeed practical paths to economic achievement within the region of The African continent.

This message is twice as powerful pertaining to the feminine business owners who listen to Isabel dos Santos speak. In a global powered simply by an intricately interwoven overall economy, the bond between employment and development will often seem tenuous. By displaying others just how financial achievement can lead to an individual ability to help the family, close friends, and oneself, Isabel dos Santos offers a first-hand consider a roadmap to get advancement. Because increasingly more the younger generation continues steadily to listen to her speak, the entrepreneur’s message can, without doubt, become even more popular.

“James River Capital on how to Change Your Leadership Style “

To be a leader, one needs to have the rights skills to lead effectively. Managing a team requires one to have the time and effort. If you feel that your leadership strategy is not working, then you can change your approach. It will make a great diffrence. There are three simple chenges that you need to mmake if you want to improve on your leadership.

The first thing that you have to do is support your team and not only focus on leading them. Supporting your team can go along way in changing how you view your role. It will also help you improve your approach and how you interact with your employees.

The other thing that you have to do is to encourage escalation. Most employees withhold their feedback because they fear to get in trouble. If you are a leader who does not allow your employees to communicate openly in case of any issue, then it will be hard to engage with them and even collaborate. If you want to succeed, you have to make sure that your team feels safe when coming to you with issues or any improvements. Always show employees that you appreciate their feedback and that they get the chance to speak. Learn more:

Finally, you can improve your leadership style by taking into consideration everyone’s opinion. Your team members should not hold themselves back. If you are holding a meeting, make sure ta everyone gets the chance the opportunity to speak. Try and engage those who rarely talk during meting to get their opinion on the sessions. In doing so, your team will feel like they are wanted and their opinions valued. Your team will also be more productive when they feel that you appreciate their ideas about the company.

James River Capital is a corporation located in Richmond, Virginia. The company has been in operation since 1986 when it was founded. At the time, the company was operating as a futures management corp. It also dealt in an alternative investment of Kidder, Peabody and co inc. In 1995, the company became an independent investment company. It was in that same year that Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders acquired the investment firm. James River Capital Corp. has been registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). It is also registered with the CFTC as a commodity trading advisor and commodity pool operator.

Shervin Pishevar’s tweetstorm predicts dark days for US economy

Shervin Pishevar is an accomplished venture capitalist and an entrepreneur. He has investments and some of the biggest multinationals in the world such as Airbnb and Uber, companies he invested in during the startup ages. Pishevar has spent most of his career in Silicon Valley working closely with promising startups. He is the former managing director of Sherpa Capital as well as Menlo Ventures. Working with Menlo, he was approached by the co-founder of Uber Mr. Travis Kalanick to help in growing the idea.

Shervin Pishevar is clearly a distinguished investor. Although he is no longer working with Sherpa Capital, he still gives his opinion about various matters affecting the business sector. Early 2018, Shervin Pishevar engaged in a tweetstorm that revealed a lot about the American economy and the financial sector in general.

Shervin Pishevar started the tweetstorm by making it clear that he expects the American economy to go down in the coming months. He predicted that the stock market would lose 6,000 points in the coming months, a factor that would contribute significantly to the decline of the economy. At the time of tweeting, he believed that inflation and overvaluation of assets were already present in the market making this a clear indication that a financial storm would hit the country’s economy.

Shervin Pishevar also highlighted others issues likely to affect the financial sector. For instance, he predicted that bitcoin would crash while gold would rise. In his prediction, he indicated that bitcoin had soared to high prices that it would not maintain. He noted it would go down to the 2-5K range before resuming an upward trade. He is however supportive of the idea that cryptocurrencies can bring a frictionless trading environment.

Shervin Pishevar also decried the presence of monopolies in the American economy. By his statement, some companies operating in the country which are making it hard for others to thrive. Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft have dominated the Silicon Valley making it impossible for any other idea to thrive. He is recommending that such companies should be broken up just like it happened with AT&T. If the status quo is maintained, then he predicts that it will take more than one decade for another great idea such as Uber and Airbnb to be invented.

Why Paul Mampilly is One of the Authorities in the Investing and Finance Industry

With an impressive history of enabling retail individuals to become profitable, Paul Mampilly prides himself as a proficient investment analyst. Mampilly believes that his long background at Wall Street helped him become a pro in his field. He’s always been keen about the individuals and businesses that are currently prevalent and are impacting change in the finance world. Mampilly spends lots of time monitoring and researching on stocks his readers may want to invest.

Work and Education Background

Paul Mampilly went to the Fordham University for an MBA certification and later worked at Bankers Trust as the assistant portfolio manager. His enthusiasm for learning the dynamics of the investing and finance industry enabled him to get numerous job offers. His first career win was when he helped grow the assets of Kinetics Asset Management to $25 billion. He got this achievement after his tenure at firms such as ING and Deutsch Bank.

After serving in different positions at different Wall Street-based companies, Paul Mampilly decided to pursue a career as a research and investment analyst. He ventured in this field with a goal of helping average people reap high returns from their individual investments. Mampilly is passionate about teaching people strategies for spending and investing money wisely. He featured as a guest in talk shows hosted by broadcasting networks such as Fox Business News, CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

Tenure at Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing currently benefits from the research and investing expertise of Paul Mampilly, who joined the firm in 2016. Mampilly is notable for facilitating the growth of the firm’s newsletter readers to over 90,000 people. Banyan Hill’s monthly newsletter, Profits Unlimited, features insights from investing analysts like Mampilly in 8 pages. Mampilly usually gives his readers different lucrative stock options to buy in his monthly columns featured on Profits Unlimited.

Besides writing for Banyan Hill Publishing, Mampilly is the executive manager of several elite trading services. They include True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. Mampilly also writes for the Winning Investor Daily on investing and finance matters in his weekly column. He’s certain that good investment returns are only achievable with the right tools and skill set.

José Auriemo Neto Career at JHSF

The real estate industry is booming in Brazil. Thousands of people have moved to Brazil in search of economic opportunities. JHSF is a construction company that José Auriemo Neto works at. José has worked in the construction industry for his entire life. He specializes in building homes for people who earn a high income.

Early Career

When José was young, he did not want to attend college. Instead, he started working in the construction industry. His first job involved cleaning construction sites after homes were built. He eventually began working at JHSF and received several promotions.

Real Estate

With years of experience investing in real estate, José has built significant wealth by renting out housing units to tenants. Each year, José attempts to purchase two or three homes to add to his portfolio.

José recommends investing in real estate to everyone he speaks with. With the strong economic growth in Brazil, he firmly believes people can become wealthy by following a simple investing strategy.

José introduced a new lending program at JHSF. The lending program is designed to help real estate investors who struggle to obtain traditional financing at large banks. Borrowing money to invest in real estate is much more complicated than people think. The banking industry in Brazil has endured various issues in the past. As a result, many banks do not lend money to borrowers who may have trouble paying the money back.

Helping People

José enjoys helping people who live in his city. He spends money investing in educational programs for children without access to public education. He has also considered running for a political position.

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