Nicolas Krafft Growing the L’Oreal Paris Company

Last year, September 30th, L’Oreal Paris Fashion Brand conducted its annual beauty and fashion show which was the second one. The show was held at the capital of France, Paris on the floating catwalk stage of river Seine. It was an open show where celebrities attended as well as the ordinary persons. However, the company’s aim of holding the show was to exhibit its ability to advance and develop the fashion and beauty industry. It also considered the opportunity as a way of advertising the brand.

L’Oreal Paris is a brand whose managing director is Nicolas Krafft. He is also serving as the vice president of the Global development of the fashion company playing an important role in developing the brand and helps it scale to greater heights. Nicolas Krafft is highly professional and demonstrates high excellent leadership skills in managing and helping the company grow.

Early this year, L’Oreal Paris held another show which was staged at the River Seine located inside the heart of the French Capital. It was held on a 60-meter floating platform or runaway. The show included some of the well-known models in France including Elle Fanning, Eva Longoria and even Louise Bourgeon. At this time the show demonstrated more creativity and diversity of cultures which was a clear manifestation of the diverse French cultures. Some other celebrities who attended the show were actor Jaime Lannister who acted Game of Thrones; his real name is Nikola Coster-Waldau. Marie Bochet, the L’Oreal Paris ambassador and the Paralympic champion also attended the show.

The show also showcased the company’s latest looks in fashion, and it brought out the brand’s determination in advancing and developing the beauty industry. Val Garland and a famous hair stylist known as Stephane Lancien created more than sixty new hairs and makeup looks which made the show models who participated included the following: Balmain, Sonia Rykiel, MiuMiu, and Isabel Marant. They took part in the runaway as well as parading the latest jewelry collections. Nicolas Krafft was highly impressed with the advanced steps the company has made in promoting fashion and beauty as well as marketing its brand.

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A brief overview of Jeunesse Global Company

It was Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis’ idea to come up with a company that focuses on the manufacture of skin care products. Over the years, the company has successfully grown and achieved numerous milestones in terms of the production of skin care products that seek to help aging people keep their skin youthful and glowing. The company relies on innovation and the integration of the latest technology in its operations. It also offers training and technical support to its employees to ensure that it continues to grow and expand. The company seeks to initiate a positive change in various societies and ensure that aging people can live youthful and fulfilling lives. The company’s flagship products are known as Y.E.S. System, and they are developed from natural plant extracts with unique combinations to help aging people keep their skins youthful, restored, and glowing.

All you need to know about Y.E.S. System products

Y.E.S. System products are developed from carefully selected plant extracts and formulas from fruits and vegetables that ensure that they are capable of providing synergistic energy towards skin care and restoration. The ingredients used in the Y.E.S. System products are rare, making the product unique and reliable for skin restoration.

The products are composed of unique formulas developed to help users restore, rejuvenate, and enhance an aging skin to give it a unique and youthful look. The formula is naturally extracted from plants making it safe for human use.

Jeunesse Global has established a reliable distribution channel globally. This ensures that its products are readily available to the global customers whenever they need them and at an affordable price. This has ensured that clients are able to use the products continuously without the fear that the supply could diminish.

Jeunesse Global focuses on creating products for the global market with the long-term vision of promoting healthy living. The Y.E.S. System products are made from unique formulations that are difficult to find. The producers goal is to give users of a long-term skin care product. They help address aging skin issues such as wrinkles, fine lines, and pores that interfere with the health of an aging skin.