How USHEALTH Group has Succeeded in Serving Millions of Customers in the United States

USHEALTH is the largest insurance provider in America. This company provides a broad range of services through its subsidiaries such as Freedom Life Insurance Company. USHEALTH Group also works in collaboration with partners such as National Foundation Life Insurance. This company operates in a unique way that allows customers to acquire membership with the enterprise.

Once clients secure membership, they are given login details that they can occasionally use to access information, such as health & wellness, coverage & benefits, treatment, and cost estimates.

USHEALTH Group’s products and services

USHEALTH Group is a corporation with the most number of customers in the United States. Some of the services it offers include:

  • Specified Disease/ Sickness
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness cover
  • Income Protector
  • Short-Term Accident Disability Income
  • Dental and Vision Plans

USHEALTH Group pioneers in the provision of customized services to its customers. This company caters to the needs of entrepreneurs who operate small and mid-sized businesses. USHEALTH Group is client-oriented, and it can tailor services to suit the needs of specific customers.

USHEALTH Group awards and accomplishments

This company is run by professionals, such as Troy McQuagge, and his team of experts. Troy McQuagge is a professional who has been able to guide the company to excellence. According to Bloomberg, under his leadership, USHEALTH Group has won a broad range of awards including:

  • The Gold Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service
  • 2016 Company of the Year Awards
  • One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards

USHEALTH Group is a company involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors. This company uses these platforms to help the local communities while showcasing their products. Some of the activities USHEALTH Group has been engaged in include the provision of Military Care Packages and Homes for Warriors.

Both of these endeavors have been directed towards helping the soldiers who risk their lives in the battlefield for the sake of their nation. USHEALTH Group provides them with unique packages like the holiday packages and specialized health care covers.

USHEALTH Group is responsible for training the company’s sales executives commonly known as USHEALTH consultants. This company spends a lot of funds to train their staff to ensure that they provide services at their level best.

Using Technology The Securus Technologies Way

Securus Technologies has earned a reputation for being a leading provider of civil as well as criminal justice technology solutions. This way the company ensures public safety, and investigation, along with corrections as well as monitoring. I have seen the comments that are coming in from their facility customers. These basically mention how technology is being used by them to solve crimes and even to prevent them from happening in the first place. The decline in the inmate-on-inmate crimes has made the Facilities much safer for all.


These are in the form of formal letters as well as email communications received from prisons and jail officials all across the United States. They are officials whose job is to prevent and solve crimes. They would like any help that they can get as it is a very tough job. All this has made the incarceration environment much better as well as safer for all. This is where Securus Technologies is playing a major role.


Besides, this is not an easy job. It requires a lot of innovation. This is because safety is getting more and more complex. Even the criminal minds are getting better. This is why Securus Technologies is developing a new product or even a service that can help in law enforcement. They are doing so practically every week.


All this indicates how important security is for the employees of Securus Technologies. In fact, it has become a part of their DNA. They read the mails from their clients very seriously. They try to know the problem and then analyze this well. Now they create a product that can take care of their specific problem. In this way, the jail officials have been able to make the facilities as well as public spaces safe. The inmates, their families as well as the general public feel safer.



Madison Street Capital: Offering financial freedom one business at a time

A recent article that appeared on and uncovered Madison Street Capital’s journey to becoming the reputable company it is. The Chicago based company saw a void and swooped in to fill it. America’s financial sector is going through massive changes making credibility arise. This makes it difficult for startups to get access to funds as well as long established companies.

Madison Street Capital comes in to give expert financial advice to businesses in the USA and around the world. The firm helps the business to gain access to credit, navigate complex transactions and make investment choices that are well thought out.

Madison Street Capital’s reputation skyrocketed because of assisting a diverse pool of well-known businesses. Back in early 2014, the company announced that it had provided Vital Care, an Illinois-based firm, advisory services. Its services to Vital Care Industries included helping the company select a suitable lender and acquire a commercial loan.

The company’s good work did not go unnoticed. A year after the Vital Care breakthrough, the company’s co-founder, Anthony Marsala, received the elite 40 under forty award. Read more: About Madison Street Capital

The program honors young business leaders who have impressive accomplishments. Marsala is Madison Street’s Chief Operating officer, has over 14 years of relevant work experience as well as a Master’s degree to tie it all together.

In these times of uncertainty, transparency is a rare thing so finding a company that exhibits that is one of the reason’s Madison Street’s reputation has soared as it’s done. According to Charles Botchway, the CEO of MSC, integrity is one of the key features of the company.

They go above and beyond any legal disclosures to make sure the clients fully understand the nature of their relationship. Most CEOs do not understand the value that drives their own businesses. It is because of this that MSC strives to understand the business from the outside in by getting to know the business model and truly learning it.

Madison Street Capital has a team of professionals who have a vast amount of experience, knowledge and networks. It is because of these traits that it has become so globally successful as a premiere market investment banking firm.

The company’s professionals are capable of arranging the right capitalization and financing structure that is tailor-made to a specific client’s situation. This is fueled by MSC being a leading M&A (mergers and acquisitions) and corporate finance advisory provider.

Madison Capital is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. However, the firm has offices in Africa, Asia and North America. It’s years of combined experience provide a wide range of financial services including M&A advisory, valuation and M&A services for hedge funds, restructuring services, corporate advisory services, buy side and sell side services, financial opinion services and valuation for financial reporting.

Aloha Construction, Inc: A Quick Look Into its Achievements

Aloha Construction, Inc., a locally-owned roofing company, serves Illinois and the southern part of Wisconsin. This company has inspectors, supervisors, claim specialists, office team and installers who have been working together and have so far completed about 7,000 local ventures. Aloha Construction is a family-owned company that is also operated by the same family. It grew from a little-known family establishment to become a well-known company with tremendous achievements.

Today, Aloha Construction is the standard of safety, intelligence, and excellence in the construction industry. It aims to maintain a topnotch level of honesty, professionalism, fairness, and integrity in how it relates to its subcontractors, suppliers, and such associates like company agents, insurance adjusters and customers. This company maintains customer satisfaction regarding timeliness and such levels like service team, office staff and sales team and more information click here.

The company also has some of its offices in Bloomington so that it can reach out to its customers in Tazewell, Champaign, McClean, Peoria, and Washington counties. Through its able staff, Aloha Construction has done well above 7.1 million sq/ft of Vinyl siding and 15 million sq/ft of shingles. It has also completed more than a million feet of gutters. Specifically, this company specializes on exteriors like installation of commercial and residential roofing, roofing inspection, seamless gutters, siding repair, storm and wind damage repair and home repair.

Having been operational for close to 84 years, Aloha Construction has had great experience in the construction industry. The company is fully bonded, insured and licensed and offers its customers a decade of Craftsmanship Warranty. Aloha Construction is today considered to be one of the leading companies when it comes to integrity, safety and superiority in this industry. The company is set to do even much better under the able leadership of Dave A. Farbaky who is the company’s CEO and President and what Aloha knows.

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Human Rights, Civil Rights, Everyone’s Rights

The President Announces DACA Will End

The president has announced that DACA will end within six months. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma barrelling towards the coast of Florida, Americans seem to be getting hit from all sides. The political waters of the United States seem to be as muddy as the streets of Houston.

Will we deport young people who only know this country as home? What about those who don’t even speak anything other than English? Where will they go? Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

America has created a generation of young people who now, effectively, have no country. This is unacceptable if you have a soul. We reached out to them, we offered them hope, and now we discarding them with no mercy.

Organizations like Human Rights Watch help to ensure that tragedies do not befall those who are underprivileged and challenged based on income, social, geopolitical, ethnic or even religious grounds. People can’t help where they are born.

People also cannot help what their skin color is or where their parents bring them as children. Children are just never to be blamed for the ‘sins of the father’ and many groups around the world exist to ensure that things like this don’t happen.

Yet, here we are. It is happening. Right now, it is important to find out what organizations are fighting discrimination here, within the borders of our own country. If we stand with the policies that always have made America great, because it has never not been great, then we should stand with our immigrants.

These people are not illegal. They were told to stay, go to school, get jobs, become taxpayers and legally seek the American dream. Suddenly, the new administration has turned its back on them. If this doesn’t feel right to you, then look for these organizations and support them.

One such organization is Lacey and Larkin and their Frontera Fund. This is the law firm of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, that took to court and won a settlement of $3.75M because of the unlawful actions of the former sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

In that case, two reporters were removed from their homes in the middle of the night. These reporters were facing retaliation from the sheriff for information that their notes and information were part of the grand jury case against the sheriff.

This law firm is now devoting these funds to assisting in the fight for civil, human and migrant rights. They will support freedom of speech and anyone exercising their civic duties within the state of Arizona.

There is no doubt that this law firm will have plenty of ways to show their support for the state of Arizona at this point. Anyone who is looking for organizations to follow or support, can look at the law firms’ website and read more.

Americans should be interested in all that is going on right now. This will touch the lives of all Americans for the future of our country.

Read more:

Jim Larkin |
Michael Lacey | Twitter

An Honest Look At MSC

How One Agency Did It All


Look at the history of most investment banks on Wall Street.


One of the major themes to uncover are how these agencies grow into the stronghold they eventually become and if lucky. What we find is that the most successful banks in the investment world have to be very flexible within the range of services they provide.


Small agencies are in the position to offer only few investment options.


But when these agencies expand, they have to model the biggest and the brightness in the world of finance. There happens to also be a distinctive name to call upon. The Madison Street Capital reputation is as an investment bank that found a way to do it all.


This creates a certain diversity which investors are constantly looking for.


– Overcoming Diversity


The financial world is one which sees the color of green and money.


Diversity in the world of investing is to express how well the funds, which an entity has for investing, is established through multiple outlets and not just one. This ability to gain returns on investments and from multiple sources is a strategy that Madison Street Capital knows all too well. Learn more:


The purpose of this approach is to protect the investments that clients of the Madison Street Capital agency make. Here’s a good example: When an investor has roughly $10,000 to invest through Madison Street Capital, it helps for the agency to place that total amount within more than one option.


What happens then is called a hedge in finance.


By having multiple options where money is placed, you can protect the majority of any investment fund. If one option tanks or fails to return gains, the diversity into other options could easily make up for the lost. This process of diversity has been one of Madison Street Capital’s greatest assets in the field of investing.


The strategy has enabled the firm to not only garner more clients but to also ensure that their client’s investments bring returns that are worth the effort. The future of the Madison Street Capital legacy will continue in this process and provide adequate returns for its clients and as a standard in the financial world. Learn more:


How the Frontera Fund Helps People

The people who use the Frontera Fund know that it is something that has made their lives better. They know that the men who started the organization are committed to making things better and they also know that they can do different things to help out with the issues that most people have in their lives.

Because of the way that Larkin and Lacey made the Frontera Fund, they are able to try different things and the people are also able to get more out of the situations that they are in. This is what Lacey and Larkin intended for the business and it is what has made a huge difference for all of the people who are in those types of situations.

As the Frontera Fund has grown, they have been able to include different services. One of the first things that the men did even before they had the money to create the fund was found resources to help different people.

They were able to connect them with legal professionals and those who would be able to help them out with the things that they were doing. They were also able to show people what they could get out of different things that were intended to help them.

Since the Frontera Fund now has a lot of money behind it, it is now something that can provide monetary support to the people who need it. Since the men have done a lot in the time that they have been working on the foundation, they know that they can help people out with the issues that they have. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

It is the right way for the men to do things and it is something that has continued to allow them the chances that they need to be successful with Frontera.

The point of the fund is to help those who need it and they know that they would not be able to do that without having some type of legal help. Lacey and Larkin are not lawyers and cannot use the fund as a law firm, but they are always happy to connect people with the lawyers who can help them.

They know a lot of people who are willing to help in different situations and that is what has set them apart from other foundations. For Lacey and Larkin to do this with the people who come to them for help is something that has made it much easier for everyone.

Depending on the different needs that their clients have, Lacey and Larkin are able to provide additional services. They can help them out of difficult situations and they know that civil rights can be hard to mitigate so that do what they can to help the people with those issues.

The men are even willing to go up against some of the toughest law enforcement officials to help with the issues that people are having in different situations and the problems that they have from law enforcement agencies.

Read more:
Jim Larkin | Twitter
Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Lori Senecal Advises People On How They Can Use Facebook to their Advantage

Lori Senecal is one of the most successful advertisers to deal with. One of the reasons that she is so successful in her field is that she knows how to use different social media platforms. Among the platforms she uses in her advertising campaigns is Facebook. Even though some other social media platforms have gained a lot of momentum and users, Facebook still remains one of the most used and reliable sources of traffic for businesses of all sizes. Lori Senecal herself has plenty of advice on what people can do to get the most out of Facebook. Lori presents these insights to people so that they have a better idea on how they can reach their traffic.

Lori Senecal keeps on top of the trends and is always on the lookout for the biggest sources of traffic. As of right now, the largest sources of traffic for people are Facebook and Google. Therefore, it is important for people to use Google for profit because most people who search on Google are very likely to buy something. Facebook is also good because even though people are more in a socializing mode, there are still people who could go shopping from Facebook. Check out Adweek to know more.

According to Blogwebpedia, the most important aspect on business with social media and search engines is figuring out a way to advertise. Lori Senecal is able to deal with campaigns that convert well with Adwords among other methods for gaining traffic because she is willing to look at what the audience responds to and come up with a campaign that is going to address the audience where they are. She advises people to use humor as well as certain color schemes and images to provoke the desired response from the audience. Her insight and focus is what has gained her a good reputation in the field of advertising.


Jose Borghi: The Man Behind Some of Brazil’s Most Brilliant Ads

Jose Borghi is one of the most well-known names in the Brazilian advertising sector. He is the CEO of his ad agency, which goes by the name of Mullen Lowe. He is an incredibly creative person who is known for putting out some of the most iconic ads that the country has ever seen. He has played a huge part in the success of Mullen Lowe by putting his incredible creativity and leadership skills to good use.

Advertising was never something that appealed to Jose Borghi as a child, and never really thought about doing it professionally. However, he changed his mind after he was captivated by an ad that played at his sister’s theater recital. The ad which he saw was one that one a Cannes Lion’s Award, and this persuaded him to go on and do something in this sector. The incredible fact is that now, Jose Borghi is the proud owner of his very own Cannes Lions award for an ad that he did for wildlife conservation. The ad featured children dressed as zoo animals and won the hearts of numerous people all over Brazil, where the ad mainly aired and more information click here.

Jose Borghi is well versed in the field of advertising not just from an experience standpoint, but also from an educational point of view. To pursue his goals of getting into advertising to be the next Ad Man, he went to Pontifical University in Brazil and attained a degree in advertising. Soon after finishing his course, he went on to work at Ogilvy and Mather, one of the leading ad agencies in the entire world. He worked as a copywriter and an editor for a few years before the switched over to another leading ad agency known as Leo Burnett. He worked his way up at this company, eventually making it to the position of chief executive officer of the firm and what Borghi knows.

It was only after attaining the position of CEO that Jose Borghi realized that he had enough experience to lead the company properly. He then left the company and started his own, calling it BorghiErh. Within the first few months of the business coming into existence, Jose Borghi landed numerous large clients, such as Delta Airlines. The firm mostly catered to customers within the country, but Jose Borghi wanted to expand it further to become an advertising giant truly. For this purpose, he merged and took on the name of Mullen Lowe, which he currently leads and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

Human Rights Activist- Jim Larkin

He is a man who has risen beyond all odds born in a poor family living in the slums of Liverpool to Irish parents; Jim Larkin did not let his upbringing define him. He began by doing lots of manual jobs that gave an opportunity to be a foreman in the Liverpool’s docks. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin – Biography

He went through hardships during his days working as casual laborers and he used his position as a foreman to get fairness to the manual laborers in Liverpool. His efforts to better the lives of his fellow workers led him to join the National Union of Doc Laborers (NUDL) in 1905 when he became a full trade union organizer.

Jim was very aggressive when it came to fighting the rights of his fellow workers and his actions and his regular strikes did not impress the National Union Doc Laborers which eventually forced the management to transfer him to Dublin in 1907.

Mr. Jim did not fail his followers and at Dublin, he created Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union (ITGWU).Larkin founded the union with a major purpose of uniting all Irish workers those with and without experience to look into their welfare. Jim was ready to fight for Irish workers and in December 1908 Irish Transport and General Worker’s Union program was launched. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

In the program, the following was published, an eight hours working system, pension for individuals who are over sixty years, provision for work for all unemployed in Irish. Other rights included railway transport and other means of transport, among other rules.

In 1912 Jim together with his partner James Connolly established the Irish Labor Party which was in the forefront of organizing several strikes and one of the most memorable one was the Dublin Lockout which took place in 1913. In that year more than 100000 workers in Dublin went on the streets and it won them rights to fair employment.

Jim Larkin was a different man and in 1914 he moved to the United States of America for a lecture tour where he raised funds to fight the British.

Jim could well be described as a socialite who even when in America he still went ahead to join human rights parties including Social Party of America and Industrial Workers of the World. His longtime friend and partner died during Easter rising in 1916 while Jim was still in the United States of America.