Sightsavers – Learn How This Organization is Helping Prevent Site Loss and Provide Treatment Across the World

Sightsavers and Its Blog


Sightsavers is an organization that works to help people countries across the world who suffer from blindness and other types of disabilities. On its blog and news webpage the Sightsavers shares with readers the latest efforts it has pursued towards the goal of improving the lives of people with disabilities across the world. Some of these stories include the work they have done in Kenya, India, and Uganda, as well as many more.


The Sightsavers blog and news page also shares stories on recent research developments and lessons learned through the organization’s own projects. As such, it serves as a great resource to learn more on the advances made in topics such as eye health, disability rights, and neglected tropical diseases. The stories also share the work that needs to be done to further this mission to eliminate diseases, particularly in countries with poor or limited access to proper medical care.


Sightsavers YouTube Channel


A touching YouTube video entitled “Blink – Sightsavers” shares the impact of diseases in other countries that cause sight loss in children. This video also informs viewers how they can help by donating towards this cause. It also points out how little the treatment can cost, emphasizing how much a small donation can tremendously impact the life of a child.

Not only is this video informational on the difficulties children face due to the diseases in other countries, but the need for access to treatment. Without this treatment, it can cause children to lose their sight. As treatment to reverse some of these contributors towards blindness is not expensive for many in other countries such as the United States and United Kingdom, it is unfortunately expensive to those suffering from these diseases. As such, a donation that might seem small to some living in more developed countries can truly make a difference and save a child or a few children from losing their sight.


This video illustrates how important the work that Sightsavers does is and the impact it can have on people’s lives across the world that so badly need this help. Through its philanthropic work, Sightsavers is working to help with treatment, raising funds, and promoting awareness of those that suffer from the loss of sight and other disabilities.


Visit the Blog and YouTube Channel to Learn More


Through both its blog and news webpage as well as its YouTube channel, you can learn more about the work that Sightsavers and other organizations are doing to help disabled persons worldwide.

Michael Bagguley Takes on the Office of Chief Operating Officer At Barclays PLC

Michael Bagguley is the current chief operating officer of Barclays PLC. He has been in this position since June 2016. Bagguley originally joined Barclays in London and quickly rose to high profile positions within the company in different cities like Tokyo, New York, Johannesburg, and London. Mike graduated in 1988 with a B.S. degree in mathematics from the University of Warwick. Prior to becoming the COO, he was the head of Foreign exchange and commodities in the Barclays capital. Bagguley also serves as the director general and overall leader of the U.S Dollar derivatives trading.

During his time as the head of the Macro products, Michael Bagguley generated high profit sales by overseeing the redesign of the macro business and  by reducing the interest rates and foreign exchange regulations. The company is currently focusing on sections that have not been damaged by the rules like the equities and advisory areas. Michael was appointed to this position after Justin Bull resigned in April.

Based on his CrunchBase profile, Michael Bagguley reports to the chief executive officer of Barclays, Tom King. In a memo, King shared that Bagguley’s primary duty is to push for the company’s new scheme aimed at reducing costs and increasing profits. Mr. King also mentioned that due to the nature of some of the projects that Bagguley was managing, he would join the Barclays executive committee.

Michael Bagguley is also in charge of infrastructure factors that impact the whole organization. Nat Tyce and Rob Bogucki will take over Bagguley’s former role and they will jointly run the macro products department. Michael Bagguley is such an asset to Barclays PLC that he was promoted to COO at a time when the company was looking to cut trading activities with counterparts in the market such as Deutsche Bank and the UBS.

Bruno Fagali: Choosing A Lawyer For Business Or Personal Legal Issues

Are you on the lookout for a reliable lawyer in Brazil? Do you want to find a top attorney to help address your complex legal matter for you or your organization? Perhaps you have thought about contacting Bruno Fagali and want to learn more about his law practice.

Whenever you have concerns or questions, your lawyer should be able to address those issues and advise you on what to do.

Numerous people turn to Bruno Fagali for expert assistance with their most difficult legal issues. Some people rely on Bruno for advice on how to keep their business out of trouble.

Most people get frustrated and need expert assistance as soon as they encounter a tough legal issue. It is extremely important to hire a lawyer who is well versed in the type of case you’re dealing with. A lawyer who knows the area of law you need help with, can get you a good outcome.

An experienced lawyer like Bruno is a great choice for those who are looking for a lawyer in Brazil. He is a good lawyer and he strives to get the best possible outcome for his clients. He takes the time to understand his clients’ situation and stays by their side at every stage of their case to provide legal advice on important issues surrounding their claim.

When you encounter a legal issue, it’s imperative to consult a good lawyer like Bruno Fagali. Having a powerful lawyer by your side will will assure you that your legal matter will receive the attention it deserves. That’s why reputable organizations and entrepreneurs turn to Bruno for guidance.

Bruno Fagali is one of the top lawyers in Brazil and he has been representing and advising clients for years. He has great expertise in the areas of Administrative Law, Regulatory Law and Ethics. Bruno also handles issues related to Compliance and Urban Law and comes highly recommended in the legal community. His clients come from all walks of life and are delighted with the way he handles their case.

Contact Fagali:

End Citizens United Law’s Triumph Progress

Times have changed. Thanks to End Citizens United fighting for a more reformed campaign financing law that will help local activism. Founded in March 2015, the organization has continuously been fighting for the Supreme Court to grant activist societies the tools to raise funding from the public to enable them to resist political oppression. The effects can be seen trickling down seven years later whereby an attempt by the group to air a ninety-minute advertisement exposing Hillary Clinton was bare from being showcased.

End Citizens United sued to have the ruling overturned, and two years later during the time Barack Obama held office, the verdict was overturned. It was the biggest upended case of the century as it changed campaign finance law.

The ruling had a mass effect as it lifted limitations that were imposed on corporations against influencing the mood of elections. Through the judgment, it gave the green light for campaign contributions to be unlimited as well as maintain anonymity that was previously denied. End Citizens United’s two-part process has been working profoundly to stop corporations from interfering with the campaign laws. They have pledged their support to candidates that are bent on making changes to campaign finance laws.


They have supported individual Republicans who support their cause even though the leadership does not endorse their ideologies. The second part, which includes raising funds, has proven to be effective. They have done this through using online digital platforms. This counteractive measure has seen that massive funding that has been continuously pouring into the coffers of campaign systems from corporate firms. It has also been diverted to their cause. Its grassroots donor capacity has increased to over three hundred and eighty thousand. The high numbers of donors enabled it to raise more than thirty-five million dollars for the past election. With the money, they were able to endorse a staggering one hundred and thirty candidates. The money is not for free as they require the candidates to take an oath barring them from accepting PAC funding.

The results have been overwhelming since many candidates have stopped taking handouts from big corporations and are aligning themselves with End Citizens United to have access to the same funding but for a much worthy cause. The political climate is changing and is blowing favorably towards End Citizens United aspirations. With some of the high tier incumbent officeholders moving to End Citizens United, the tides are soon changing.

All you need to Know about Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers Band.

The Chainsmokers recently released a hit song titled “Closer”. The song also includes Halsey. The hit is unique in that Andrew Taggart is the one singing. The band has a unique way of singing. Unlike others such as Deadmau5, the duo involves emotions that the fans can relate to. Alex Pall started as a DJ. He was passionate about the work. He was popular in various entertainment joints in New York. More often than not, his DJ work is seen as a leisure activity and not as a normal career path. After some time, he was attracted to dance music. He dedicated his time to learn about the industry. He was helped to get into the industry by his manager. When Alex Pall met Andrew Taggart, they did not waste much time, they started working together as a team.

Alex Pall had to leave his current job to focus on their new partnership with Andrew Taggart. Each of them had a role to play in the team. The pair often talked about their childhood memories and their love for music. Both of them met at a time when they were determined to succeed in their music careers. The duo was always keen on the trends in the industry. Alex Pall acknowledged that they had to understand what they needed to do to succeed and the potential challenges. It is from their observations that they made an identity that has helped them win several awards and win the hearts of many fans around the world.

Alex Pall refers to his partner as a super-talented producer. He has a lot of experience in marketing and that has helped them to grow. He is hardworking. He dedicates a lot of time to work in their studio. In an interview, he disclosed that they work for about 10 hours on a daily basis. His success can be attributed to his desire to learn. He acknowledges that they have had to set high targets to get to their current position. Music is his main source of income.

From Dependence to Independence: Mike Baur’s U-turn to Indomitability

Mike Baur, a founding partner of Swiss Startup Factory, is a Swiss entrepreneur and businessman. The Swiss Startup Factory, founded in 2014, is an accelerator for startups which are innovative and have an inherent potential for success. Baur showcases his business heroism by mentoring as well as training startup owners. Besides, he offers counsel on funding and provides exposure to potential investors both in Switzerland and beyond.


The Background Look

However, Mike Baur’s career started in the Swiss banking sector, where he worked for over two decades. The indwelling entrepreneurial spirit propelled him to begin investing in startup companies, eventually co-founding the Swiss Startup Factory together with Max Meister and Oliver Wazler. Their mastermind has provided a platform for the entrepreneurial network for thriving entrepreneurs to accomplish their ambitious goals.



His career switch, unlocked even greater success-he was named the Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest upon its partnership with Swiss Startup Factory in January 2016 and led his company to business in February 2016 with Fintech Fusion.


The Startup Factory Idea

Mike Baur says the idea came from his experience as an early-stage investor in the startup, receiving assisting with many startup presentations. Therefore, he was inspired to aid the situation by establishing a sort of a boot camp cum a platform for business execution for the splendid Swiss startup teams to boost the quality of startups from a very early stage.


Attaining His Goals

How did he manage? Not by just giving coaching modules as everyone else does, but by offering tough and execution-driven experience to the various startup teams. Moreover, his idea wasn’t spared by skeptics who downplayed his brilliant proposal. In spite of their negative input, Mike was determined to prove the viability of his approach in with the imminent reality of ubiquitous and stiff competition. True to his own words, Baur was never afraid to fail and ignored the naysayers.


The Interview

In an interview with the red bulletin, he recites his company’s most significant success as aiding many entrepreneurs to successfully shape their businesses from conception stage to inception, alongside working with talented personnel.



Mike Baur is a salient figure, both in Switzerland and around the globe. His blueprint, the Swiss Startup Factory, has provided a multitude of young entrepreneurs with the required funding, mentorship, links, the know-how and resources necessary to convert their business ideas and steer their business ventures into fruitful companies.


A brief overview of Jeunesse Global Company

It was Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis’ idea to come up with a company that focuses on the manufacture of skin care products. Over the years, the company has successfully grown and achieved numerous milestones in terms of the production of skin care products that seek to help aging people keep their skin youthful and glowing. The company relies on innovation and the integration of the latest technology in its operations. It also offers training and technical support to its employees to ensure that it continues to grow and expand. The company seeks to initiate a positive change in various societies and ensure that aging people can live youthful and fulfilling lives. The company’s flagship products are known as Y.E.S. System, and they are developed from natural plant extracts with unique combinations to help aging people keep their skins youthful, restored, and glowing.

All you need to know about Y.E.S. System products

Y.E.S. System products are developed from carefully selected plant extracts and formulas from fruits and vegetables that ensure that they are capable of providing synergistic energy towards skin care and restoration. The ingredients used in the Y.E.S. System products are rare, making the product unique and reliable for skin restoration.

The products are composed of unique formulas developed to help users restore, rejuvenate, and enhance an aging skin to give it a unique and youthful look. The formula is naturally extracted from plants making it safe for human use.

Jeunesse Global has established a reliable distribution channel globally. This ensures that its products are readily available to the global customers whenever they need them and at an affordable price. This has ensured that clients are able to use the products continuously without the fear that the supply could diminish.

Jeunesse Global focuses on creating products for the global market with the long-term vision of promoting healthy living. The Y.E.S. System products are made from unique formulations that are difficult to find. The producers goal is to give users of a long-term skin care product. They help address aging skin issues such as wrinkles, fine lines, and pores that interfere with the health of an aging skin.

Jose Hawilla : The Right Personality and Acumen Necessary for Business Success

It’s hard to be an entrepreneur. These entrepreneurs are the shakers and movers of the industry and they generate jobs and prosperity for the people. Without them, we wouldn’t have all the conveniences that we all enjoy right now. Without them, we would probably be stuck in the Stone Age and not enjoy the modern products we all desire today. Despite such work, entrepreneurs are also not rewarded with the honor they deserve. They’re not given the recognition for the risk-taking pursuits they made. But this doesn’t stop people from wanting to become entrepreneurs. Learning how to be one, though, isn’t so simple. To see more you can checkout



How To Be An Entrepreneur



There are many ways on how to be an entrepreneur, but if you want to increase your chances of succeeding without losing all your life savings and other conservative assets, you must be risk-averse and highly prudent. You have to know how to survive first. And this takes a lot of humility and discipline.



In an article from The Balance, we are given a panoply of tips on what makes a successful businessmen. Of course, as a true risk taker, you have all the rights to abrogate all these tips and just follow your lead. But these tips have gained their own reputation, so it pays to listen to them a bit. One of the tips in the article pertains to having the right personality of an entrepreneur. The article says that certain personalities make for a good business leader, and if you don’t have them, you probably have less chances of success in the industry. You can visit for more details.




About Jose Hawilla



Being in the right business environment is also key in a businessman’s success. Having also a sense of initiative and partiality to trial and error is also a good trait to have. One example of a businessman who seems to adhere to such elements of being an entrepreneur is Jose Hawilla.



Jose Hawilla is a Brazilian businessman, founder and overall owner of the advertising firm, Traffic Group, which handles a lot of multinational sports companies’ advertising needs. His career began in the world of sports journalism.



Experienced Investor Wes Edens Doubles Up as an Investment Manager

Edens is an investor and businessman who co-owns NBA franchise, Milwaukee Bucks. Wes Edens co-owns the team, with Marc Lasry, which they collaboratively acquired in 2014 for $550 million. Wes pledged to retain the team base at Wisconsin in addition to building a new arena to replace the current BMO Harris Bradley Center.In 2016, Wes Edens bought a spot at the Cloud9 Challenger’s League Championship for two and a half million dollars. This included four team players’ contracts which accounted for $700,000 of the total amount. The four contract rights are of the one-time Cloud9 players namely; support Daerek “LemonNation” Hart, AD carry Johnny “Altec” Ru, mid laner Hai “Hai” Lam and top laner An “BalIs” Van Le.

The New York Times approximate a $54.4 million take-home value for Wes Edens per year, a figure that includes his compensation at Fortress of $13.4 million per year. He is the group’s president, Chief Executive Officer, private equity investment officer, and chairman.Wes co-established Fortress Investment Group with Robert Kauffman, Randal Nardone, Peter Brigerz and Michael Edward Novogratz in 1998.Mr. Edens received a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University.Fortress Investment Group is an over $70 billion alternative asset management firm with the main office in the city of New York and branches around the globe. As the president of the company’s private equity, he has focused mostly on investments transportation and infrastructure, financial services, healthcare services, real estate and broadcasting.

Previously Wes Edens served as the CEO of various enterprises such as Newcastle Holdings (2002-2007), Eurocastle Investment Ltd, Global Signal Inc. (2002-2006), and Capstead Mortgage Corp (2000-2003). He served as an MD in different corporations rising to become CEO on various occasions. His numerous positions make him resourceful with extensive investment knowledge and experience in his long career and as an investor and investment manager. From his early days, Wes Edens has been creative in his ways. He was in charge when Fortress successfully gave its IPO. Wes has seen the firm’s portfolio develop both in publicly traded investments and in private equity. In 2017, he oversaw Fortress create its own professional video gaming team, FlyQuest, to compete in the League of Legends Championship.He is a trustee of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team Foundation. Currently, he serves as the chairman of the board of OneMain Holdings, Inc., Springfield Finance Corporation, New Media Investment Group Inc., and Florida East Coast Holdings Corp.

Fortress Investment Group, Inception Of Consummation

Peter Briger is an investor and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group which helps investors and corporations alike to massively take the lead when it boils down to the realms of the market place. On the Forbes Page of Billionaires where the world’s wealthiest people are recognized for their achievements he comes in at four hundred and seven. It might sound like a humble number but Peter Briger has accomplished many things in his life time in finance and in his contributions to society as well, especially in the area of Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group was made possible by Peter Bridger mostly for the reason of him being one of the major shareholders of the company. If he would not have backed the funds necessary to even make the company an LLC industry the corporation would have been toast, but he persevered and followed thru on his determination to help the company not just float but stay afloat as well.

Now publicly owned entities and private investors alike can come to Fortress Investment Group to get an edge in the markets with almost complete leverage thanks to Peter Briger. His role inside the facilities at Fortress Investment Group is chairman of the board of directions where he acts as a key player in the discussions enacted to ensure the legitimacy of each of the investment opportunity. He is also in charge of the sector where diversification is offered through the many creative products and services offered by Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger is also a strong advocate for the cause of helping young and aspiring entrepreneurs strive to achieve their purpose and destiny in life through helping to build a program called Princeton Entrepreneurship.

Princeton Entrepreneurship is basically a platform located in Princeton Unversity where many startups can go and get funding for their business ventures instead of struggling to retrieve the capital required to start in the first place. Yes, Peter Briger is more than just an entrepreneur. He is a man with a heart for kids living out in the streets impoverished and without supplies or food. He also cares deeply about the proper education of kids and young adults who may not be receiving such accommodations like other kids and teens are receiving. His philanthropy extends out to those within the benefactors of his charities and contributions to the public eye as well as to those who need help with protecting and securing their finances. In other words, he helps people generally in all classes make their life situations better.

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