Isn’t It Romantic Serves as Rebel Wilson’s Leading Role Vehicle

Rebel Wilson fans are in for a treat this Valentine’s Day as the Aussie-actress will make her leading lady debut in Isn’t It Romantic. The rom-com inside a rom-com is being produced by New Line Cinema. Wilson headlines as Natalie, an architect who has given up on romantic comedies only to become trapped in one.

Isn’t It Romantic is new ground for Rebel Wilson. Although she is no stranger to rom-coms she has never played the lead in one. Let alone the typical female romantic interest stock character. The actress, singer, producer, writer, and comedienne is known mostly for playing the plucky supporting character. However, Isn’t It Romantic is not a standard rom-com in that Natalie is completely self-aware. It gets even better because Natalie hates rom-coms.

Rebel Wilson made her mark in Australia before coming over to the U.S. Her breakout role stateside came within the movie Bridesmaids, but it was not until Pitch Perfect that she really made her mark. Her turn as Fat Amy cemented her as a talented character actor. Now that she is wearing the headliner cap it gives her the chance to shine in another way.

The basic plot sees Natalie become trapped in a romantic comedy after tangling with a mugger. She hits her head pretty hard and wakes up to find a fantasy world has replaced reality.

According to released trailers this world is chock full of popular rom-com tropes. It is picture-perfect and completely unrealistic version of New York City. Everything is bright, everyone looks terrific, and there is way too much smiling. Read more: Cats Movies – Rebel Wilson  Casts as Jenny | Deadline

Natalie awakes every morning in flawless hair and make-up, lives in an apartment the size of Connecticut, and has a closet full of designer clothes one would find in Sex and the City. The digs at traditional romantic comedies are well-placed as anyone who has every watched rom-coms has noticed the same things.

For the most part the film plays the tropes straight. It is Natalie that draws the humor as she reacts to all of it with the jaded viewpoint of someone living in the real world. The role definitely fits Wilson who is a master at comedic timing.

Isn’t It Romantic also stars Liam Hemsworth as a handsome stranger Blake. He is one of Natalie’s clients and her unexpected romantic interest. According to the trailers the two meet after a car accident and begin a whirlwind romance. A romance hindered by the fact that Natalie’s fantasy world is PG-13 meaning she cannot have sex. Every time she tries it fast forwards to the end.

Rounding out the cast is Adam DeVine as Natalie best friend Josh. Wilson fans will remember DeVine as he played Rebel’s love interest Bumper in Pitch Perfect. Luckily, he is set up as the third point of a love triangle in the previews.

Like many movies that take place in a fantasy situation, i.e. Groundhog Day, Natalie will remain stuck in the fantasy world until she does something she is meant to do.

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Betsy DeVos Defies Critics By Moving Forward And Getting To Work On Solving America’s Educational Woes

People in Grand Rapids, Michigan are no stranger to Betsy DeVos and all of her good deeds. They are also very familiar with her political skills and her ability to make progress on important educational matters. Just last year, she became the secretary of education for the U.S.A. and some are questioning if she is the same woman they have been acquainted with for all of these years.


The nomination of Betsy DeVos was strongly contested by those who disagree with her positions. These opponents attacked her during her confirmation hearings and also worked hard to make her look ignorant and unprepared. This took many people by surprise who are not used to seeing her taken aback or left without words. While these kinds of concerns took center stage before she was confirmed, they have all been laid to rest now that she is set to serve her country.


According to sources, Betsy DeVos shook off the insults and the circus that took place during her confirmation hearings. Instead of focusing on her opponents and responding to their attacks, she got to work doing what she does best. DeVos is a people person who is willing to work with people from all political parties, even though she is a conservative Christian, herself.


Betsy DeVos began serving her term by visiting schools in Washington D.C. and Florida. She was initially joined by first lady, Melania Trump, and Queen Rania of Jordan. She was later joined by the rapper Pitbull, which surprised a lot of people. Pitbull is known for his rap lyrics, which are full of cursing and misogynistic themes, but he also started up a set of charter schools in Florida. DeVos joined him at one of these charter schools to show her support for charter schools in the sunshine state.


Betsy DeVos is a star in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she has been a part of making the city a better place to call home for many years. It is known that there are many buildings in the city that are there because of her influence. Some of these buildings include the DeVos Performance Hall, the DeVos Center for Arts and Worship, and the DeVos Children’s Hospital. She has also donated large sums of money to many different charitable organizations and causes in the city. The educational sector has been the largest recipient of her giving, and she was also a part of the founding of The West Michigan Aviation Academy.


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The Importance of coming together as entrepreneurs in the same field.

The Texas Bankers Association recently held its 5th conference known as the Annual Strategic and M&A Conference. The meeting was held in New Orleans, Louisiana with the attendance of a majority of the banks in the Texas region that participate in the summit. The annual gathering aims at improving bank to bank and bank to vendors associations where they get to share ideas and establish relationships that will benefit them mutually and improve the communities in which they serve.

NexBank Capital Inc. was not left behind in the activity where a few executive members represented it in the meeting. John Holt, Nexbank’s CEO and President, was on the team of panelists serving at the conference. The discussion that took place involved ways of improving community banking by promoting healthy competition through innovation. The activity was held on the early days of November 2016.

NexBank is a national organization that has its area of specialization in commercial and mortgage banking, and other services to do with investing in organizations. NexBank began in 1934 and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Over the years, it has grown to become among the top 200 banks in the United States and top 10 in Texas. A lot of people in the workforce have benefitted too in its growth through employment.

Any successful organization is as good as its leadership. NexBank’s executive leaders have decades of experience in the area of asset management. Not only do they have broad expertise but also an unshifted focus to ensure that the best services are delivered to cater for their clients’ needs. Due to its great work, NexBank was assessed to have managed assets worth more than $8 billion towards the end of 2018. The firm also invests in the community through loan development programs and advancing education by coming up with financial support plans.

Vijay Eswran Loyalty To the World

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman who has worked tremendously to earn his wealth. He came from a humble family and lost his dad at the age of ten which was a devastating case for him, but he did not give up in life. Vijay Eswaran had worked in different companies including when he worked as a cab driver in London to pay his school fees. Later he ventured into direct marketing a business that has increased over the years. Vijay Eswaran skills in economics enable him to run QI Group of companies efficiently as the executive Chairperson managing various projects. Dr. Vijay has been in the first lie to ensure that the company establishes new offices across the globe. Currently, they have offices in Hong Kong as the headquarters base and others in Thailand, Singapore among other countries of UAE. QI Group of companies is always in the front line to transform people’s lives through telecommunication services, media, infrastructure, hospitality as well as training. Many people have been employed in the company to service all clients with respect and dignity.

Vijay Eswaran is also known for his contribution to the community; he founded Quest International University to promote upcoming investors by providing is high-quality education which is also relatively affordable. Many entrepreneurs have received essential strategies and skills to run their businesses through Quest. Vijay Eswaran is the founder of Vijayaratnam and RYTHM programs to fund needy people by providing them with basic needs and education. As an author of about six books Vijay Eswaran has inspired many people to become entrepreneurs hence, they do not have to depend on others.

Besides his career, Vijay Eswaran is a loving and caring husband to Umayal. They have been married for over two decades and currently resides in Kuala Lumpur as well as in Hong Kong.

Steve Ritchie’s Journey to success

Mr. Steve Ritchie is remarkable personnel in the prosperity and success of Papa John’s International Inc. The company is among the largest pizza delivery companies in the world (it is the third largest. It has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The founder of Papa John’s International is John Schnatter and founded the company in the year 1984. The current chief executive officer of the company is Mr. Steve Ritchie. The company has been rated number one customer satisfaction for the past 18 years.

Steve Ritchie joined Papa Johns in 1996 as an hourly employee and used to work as a customer service representative. Later in 2006, he was promoted and became the franchise owner of Papa Johns as well as an operator. He performed exemplary in the roles he undertook at that position, and this allowed him to be promoted into the Chief Operating Officer, in the year 2014Later the following year, Steve was named the president of the company.

Steve Ritchie is a significant person in the development and growth of Papa Johns International as he has excelled in every position he holds in the company. He has demonstrated excellent leadership skills, and the company believes he can scale the company to greater heights; thus he was employed as the Chief Executive Officer.

Steve is not a highly professional as he just completed his high school studies from Seneca High School and started working with Papa John’s International. But is a highly talented person who is ambitious and hardworking and it is these two virtues which have placed him on the top position of Papa John’s International. He uses the approach of cooperation between the logistics team, staff and the senior managers to control and maintain the excellent reputation of the company.

His journey to success is an inspiration to many. Steve Ritchie serves as a role model to many young people, and there are great lessons one can learn from Ritchie. Among the lessons is that you need to work hard, excellently and be patient as success doesn’t come in a silver platter.

Neurocore MuscleTech

Neurocore is meant for the people who wants to boost your mental strength, and especially those who work out in the gym. It brings out the best results in your body. Neurocore perfectly suits active men and women who want to put their workout time to the maximum as it gives you extra strength and energy. Visit to know more about Neurocore.


Neurocore has unparalleled endurance and energy than any other workout substances. When you are about to start your work out, you are supposed to take it 30 to 35 minutes before starting the work out for better results.

For you to have the full effects of Neurocore, you are supposed to assess your body tolerance by starting with one scoop mixed with 6 oz. of clean water. You should also ensure that you stay hydrated before and after using Neurocore. You should not use more than two scoops of Neurocore within 24 hours.


It enhances your muscles building, gives you an ultra-intense focus and energy, increases muscle bumps on your body which are long lasting and it also gives you more explosive strength to work out on extra time through improving your mental concentration and focus. This gives you the energy to even work through the days that your body is sluggish. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Shervin Pishevar’s tweetstorm predicts dark days for US economy

Shervin Pishevar is an accomplished venture capitalist and an entrepreneur. He has investments and some of the biggest multinationals in the world such as Airbnb and Uber, companies he invested in during the startup ages. Pishevar has spent most of his career in Silicon Valley working closely with promising startups. He is the former managing director of Sherpa Capital as well as Menlo Ventures. Working with Menlo, he was approached by the co-founder of Uber Mr. Travis Kalanick to help in growing the idea.

Shervin Pishevar is clearly a distinguished investor. Although he is no longer working with Sherpa Capital, he still gives his opinion about various matters affecting the business sector. Early 2018, Shervin Pishevar engaged in a tweetstorm that revealed a lot about the American economy and the financial sector in general.

Shervin Pishevar started the tweetstorm by making it clear that he expects the American economy to go down in the coming months. He predicted that the stock market would lose 6,000 points in the coming months, a factor that would contribute significantly to the decline of the economy. At the time of tweeting, he believed that inflation and overvaluation of assets were already present in the market making this a clear indication that a financial storm would hit the country’s economy.

Shervin Pishevar also highlighted others issues likely to affect the financial sector. For instance, he predicted that bitcoin would crash while gold would rise. In his prediction, he indicated that bitcoin had soared to high prices that it would not maintain. He noted it would go down to the 2-5K range before resuming an upward trade. He is however supportive of the idea that cryptocurrencies can bring a frictionless trading environment.

Shervin Pishevar also decried the presence of monopolies in the American economy. By his statement, some companies operating in the country which are making it hard for others to thrive. Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft have dominated the Silicon Valley making it impossible for any other idea to thrive. He is recommending that such companies should be broken up just like it happened with AT&T. If the status quo is maintained, then he predicts that it will take more than one decade for another great idea such as Uber and Airbnb to be invented.

How Equities First Holdings Has Shaken Up the Financial World

The use of stock based loans is something that is very important for those that have a strong portfolio. The reason that this is useful is that they can take their stocks and use them to get a loan, this is far different of a method than usual loans. There is also another advantage to this type of loan and that is the fact that they generally come with a lower interest rate and the repayment options are a lot more open than traditional methods of getting a loan. This is one of the foundations that Equities First Holdings has used to help their customers get the money that they need when they need it the most. This has helped the company to have a very successful run in the financial sector and has helped those that need the help the most. This have helped the company to succeed for the last several years.

About EFH:

Why Paul Mampilly is One of the Authorities in the Investing and Finance Industry

With an impressive history of enabling retail individuals to become profitable, Paul Mampilly prides himself as a proficient investment analyst. Mampilly believes that his long background at Wall Street helped him become a pro in his field. He’s always been keen about the individuals and businesses that are currently prevalent and are impacting change in the finance world. Mampilly spends lots of time monitoring and researching on stocks his readers may want to invest.

Work and Education Background

Paul Mampilly went to the Fordham University for an MBA certification and later worked at Bankers Trust as the assistant portfolio manager. His enthusiasm for learning the dynamics of the investing and finance industry enabled him to get numerous job offers. His first career win was when he helped grow the assets of Kinetics Asset Management to $25 billion. He got this achievement after his tenure at firms such as ING and Deutsch Bank.

After serving in different positions at different Wall Street-based companies, Paul Mampilly decided to pursue a career as a research and investment analyst. He ventured in this field with a goal of helping average people reap high returns from their individual investments. Mampilly is passionate about teaching people strategies for spending and investing money wisely. He featured as a guest in talk shows hosted by broadcasting networks such as Fox Business News, CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

Tenure at Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing currently benefits from the research and investing expertise of Paul Mampilly, who joined the firm in 2016. Mampilly is notable for facilitating the growth of the firm’s newsletter readers to over 90,000 people. Banyan Hill’s monthly newsletter, Profits Unlimited, features insights from investing analysts like Mampilly in 8 pages. Mampilly usually gives his readers different lucrative stock options to buy in his monthly columns featured on Profits Unlimited.

Besides writing for Banyan Hill Publishing, Mampilly is the executive manager of several elite trading services. They include True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. Mampilly also writes for the Winning Investor Daily on investing and finance matters in his weekly column. He’s certain that good investment returns are only achievable with the right tools and skill set.

Rebel Wilson – Isn’t It Romantic

Coming this Valentine’s Day 2019 is a romantic comedy movie, Isn’t It Romantic, starring Australia’s uprising comedienne, Rebel Wilson. Wilson is an actress, a writer and a producer who graduated from the Australian Theater for Young People in 2003. She started to get noticed after bagging the role of Toula for the comedy series Pizza (2000) for the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). She also starred in the hit sketch comedy series, The Wedge.

She wrote, produced and starred in the musical comedy, Bogan Pride (2008). Wilson also won the Best Actress award for her role in Bargain. She was cast in the movie Bridesmaids (2011), her first movie in the US. Since then she has appeared in a few movies like A Few Best Men, What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Struck by Lightning.

In 2011, Variety magazine named her one of the Top Ten Comics to Watch. She starred in a musical comedy Pitch Perfect film series which won her the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress. Her role as Fat Amy in this movie also earned her several awards nominations including MTV Best Breakthrough Performance Award. Read more: Isn’t It Romantic Trailer: Rebel Wilson Stars | Hollywoodreporter and Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson | TheList

Born in Sydney, Australia on March 2, 1980, Wilson grew up with her three siblings who were raised by parents who were professional beagle breeder. In the article, The Stunning Transformation of Rebel Wilson (, it mentioned how she transformed from a shy but confident girl into a funny, down to earth Aussie gal.

She describes herself as a socially awkward teenager who was encouraged by her high school drama teacher, Mrs. Bowmaker, to enter in the Tournament of Minds, an Aussie creative competition which features different segment like performing and improvising. That’s how she came out of her shell and she’s grateful for Mrs. Bowmaker’s role in transforming herself into what she is now.

In an interview with Flare magazine, Wilson described how she grew up to be a feminist, which was attributed to her education at an exclusive girls’ high school. In that school, women are trained to be independent, to go after what they want and pursue their dreams.

At a young age of 17, Rebel Wilson, worked for a year for Australia’s Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program. During one of the organization’s trips to South Africa, she contacted malaria. She was hallucinating due to her illness and dreamed about winning an Oscar. This is how her acting bug supposedly started. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

After her stint with the Rotary, she went home and studied at the University of New South Wales as well at Australian Theater for Young People. Here, she started to act in stage as a serious actor, but people find her funny instead. She considers herself as unique. She said that most Australian actors who came to America are serious, usually dramatic actors but she is one of the first comedy actors from Australia.

In the movie, Isn’t It Romantic, she plays the role of Natalie, a New York architect who is disenchanted with love but finds herself trapped inside a real life romantic comedy after a subway mugging incident that knocked her unconscious.

The movie also stars Priyanka Chopra, Liam Hemsworth and Adam DeVine. It is directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson.