Manage Your Finances With NexBank

Are you perplexed with your current financial institution? The NexBank financial group is a popular financial institution based in Dallas, Texas. They’ve quickly grew their name as a online financial group. NexBank has over 345,000 online customers and their account holders are steady growing. Their CEO, John Holt is proud to have gotten their start as a financial services group for personal accounts. However, they also offer commercial and industrialized accounts. You can enjoy a business or personal Mastercard® by applying with NexBank. Customers also enjoy 0 fraud liability with their card services. Your account is also protected with ample assets and government backed FDIC insurance.

NexBank Special Features

NexBank never addresses their patrons account concerns with an automated response. They offer their customers live 24/7 customer support through their 800 number. You can also get live online assistance when you have account questions or concerns at any time. Best of all, you have an opportunity to have complete access to your account with multiple device access. That’s right; you can access your account from a PC, tablet, or smartphone. In fact, you can use iOS capable smart technology for a handheld device. Proudly manage your business finances from anywhere in the world with internet access.

NexBank Account Services

– no fee ATM (nationwide)

– free direct deposit

– online bill pay

– free checks

– financial counseling

– IRA accounts

– interest bearing savings

– and much more…

The NexBank Capital financial group puts your money to work for you says, John Holt. When you put your money in their savings account, you can start to earn interest in 6 months. These features allow you to get the peace of mind that you need for your money. NexBank features surpasses your traditional financial opportunities.

You can own a home for the first time with the help of the NexBank mortgage tab. This is made possible through a merger with Dallas based Habit For Humanity. Ironically, they give you lower rates with fixed interest and mortgage rate opportunities. Their goal is to help gainfully employed residents with a low income own a home. In fact, they offer many ways to save on colleges expenses and tuition by offering over 1,200 college savings opportunities. You can also get their private student loan opportunities that have better options than government student loans. Visit NexBank financial online to learn more today.


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