Tracing Paul Mampilly’s Impressive Career Development

Paul Mampilly is an accomplished financial executive who has served prominent financial companies in the United States. He is also a skilled author who has written many finance and investment articles, and journals. Before stepping into the finance world and investment sector, Mampilly joined Montclair State University to pursue an undergraduate degree. He graduated in 1991 with a bachelor’s in Business Administration. After attaining his bachelor’s, Mr. Mampilly started his working career as an assistant portfolio manager working at Bankers Trust Company. He grew up ranks to become the company’s portfolio manager. Later on, Paul Mampilly transferred his services to Deutsche Bank, whereby he served as its research assistant. This position sparked off Mampilly’s passion in identifying and managing lucrative investment schemes.

In 2006, Kinetics Asset Management hired Mampilly as the manager of its hedge funds. He grew the asset management company’s assets from $6 billion to $ 25 billion within a short period. Barron’s magazine named him as the world’s best portfolio manager. In 2008, a financial expert decided to work as an independent investment expert. He started his new career by investing in small companies with promising growth potential. For instance, he invested in Sarepta Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company that was at its infancy stage. His financial investment generated proceeds of 2,539%. Besides Sarepta Therapeutics, Paul Mampilly invested in Netflix, and he made 634% gains. In 2016, Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing as one of its editor and author. He specialized in authoring insightful financial articles and journals that featured high-level investment ideas.

Mampilly is the expert behind popular subscription magazines like Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes, and True Momentum. The publications propose some of the most lucrative low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk investment openings that are worth pursuing. Today, the publications have thousands of subscribers who thirst for research-based strategies and reasoning habits that would help them up their game in trading stocks. Besides his insightful work through publishing, Mamphilly has also given several high-end talks on financial management on numerous television programs. The interests of his clients have always been his priority throughout his career. He is determined to help as many people as possible through his expert services.

José Auriemo Neto Career at JHSF

The real estate industry is booming in Brazil. Thousands of people have moved to Brazil in search of economic opportunities. JHSF is a construction company that José Auriemo Neto works at. José has worked in the construction industry for his entire life. He specializes in building homes for people who earn a high income.

Early Career

When José was young, he did not want to attend college. Instead, he started working in the construction industry. His first job involved cleaning construction sites after homes were built. He eventually began working at JHSF and received several promotions.

Real Estate

With years of experience investing in real estate, José has built significant wealth by renting out housing units to tenants. Each year, José attempts to purchase two or three homes to add to his portfolio.

José recommends investing in real estate to everyone he speaks with. With the strong economic growth in Brazil, he firmly believes people can become wealthy by following a simple investing strategy.

José introduced a new lending program at JHSF. The lending program is designed to help real estate investors who struggle to obtain traditional financing at large banks. Borrowing money to invest in real estate is much more complicated than people think. The banking industry in Brazil has endured various issues in the past. As a result, many banks do not lend money to borrowers who may have trouble paying the money back.

Helping People

José enjoys helping people who live in his city. He spends money investing in educational programs for children without access to public education. He has also considered running for a political position.

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Serge Belamant The Blockchain Originator

Serge Belamant is an English businessman and engineer who created the first incarnation of a blockchain in 1989. He was born in 1953 in Tulle, France. Serge Belamant attended Witwatersrand University where he studied engineering, computer science, and mathematics. After two years at the University Serge quit school and took courses in information systems through UNISA. Serge Belamant is currently the co-founder of Zilch Technology Limited. He was also the chairman and CEO at Net1 UEPS Technologies Inc until May 2017. Mr. Belamants blockchain technologies has open doors for other cryptocurrencies and it has allowed banks, government, and the civilian population to conduct fast and safe money transactions. Serge Belamant developed this blockchain technology by using smart cards and these smart cards were able to function on or offline.

Throughout his working career Mr. Belamant has made improvements in other sectors of technology such as statistical methods and digital mapping. Mr. Belamant and Net1 Technologies was commissioned by Visa in 1995 to create the COPAC card. This is a secure feature that Visa uses against fraud, misuse of credit, and verifying personal identification number. Visa still currently uses this technology until this day. In 1999 Mr. Belamant and Net1 Technologies purchased a pay system called CPS from a South African bank. This pay system was responsible for paying out welfare grants to South Africans. He modernized this system by implementing the UEPS which supplied security, speed, and interoperability to the CPS system. Mr. Belamant used this same the UEPS technology to invent the first electric purse that could also be used on or offline. In 2012 Mr. Belamant and Net1 Technologies received a contract from the Social Security Administration of South Africa and this inspired him to create several new technologies.

These technologies were morphining, a variable pin, and the construction of a 1:N Biometric Comparison Engine. Morphing was very unique because it allowed smart cards to function with UEPS at atms. The Variable pin was just a new verification process at older atms. The 1:N Biometric Comparison Engine allows for millions of fingerprint verifications to be processed all at the same time. As of 1998 Serge Belamant has filed for 6 patents. In 2001 he was granted a patent for Method and Apparatus for Controlling a Gaming Operation. In 2014 he was granted a patent for Verification of a Transactors Identity. He also currently has three patents pending. Mr. Belamant mastered how to fuse technology with the financial industry and created many financial security features. Mr. Belamant is a living example of how hard work and his invention creativity pays off.

The Success of OSI Group

When you ask any company about the accomplishment of any successful company, they will tell you that it does take time, effort, and commitment to get where they are today. One such company is OSI Group. OSI Group is among the top ten world largest food providers, and it has also opened up its doors creating more employment opportunities in approximately 17 countries. The company began from humble beginnings and rose steadily. The company earned itself a significant place in America’s 20th-century economic history. The history of OSI Group is deeply rooted in the American Immigration experience.

In the 20th century, the founder of OSI Group, Otto Kolschowsky came to Chicago from Germany as an immigrant to offer a better life for his family. During this period, German Immigration was booming, and this gave him the opportunity to cross borders. During that period, Illinois was a new entry point for immigrants. It was also the center of industry for Chicago. After two years of having lived in Illinois, Otto Kolschowsky decided to open a butcher shop and a small retail market that served his community. The business did well, and by the end of the first war, Otto Kolschowsky decided to expand his business into a wholesale business.

Within another decade, the business changed its name to Otto & Sons. After the rebranding, Otto & sons continued to scale up creating a name for its self as a large-scale food provider. However, the partnership between McDonald’s and Otto & Sons was what launched the business to even greater heights. It was not soon after their collaboration that the company started receiving recognition from other companies within the country and outside its borders. The partnership between McDonald’s and Otto & sons was a success because of the shotgun success McDonald’s received after launching its business.

The success of Otto & sons to OSI Group took two decades. It started to provide restaurant franchise with individual products they use for their businesses. For instance, since McDonald’s created hamburgers, they offered them quality products that would help them make the best hamburgers in the world and this guaranteed the success of OSI.

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The Man | The Investor| Jacob Gottlieb

Jacob Gottlieb is an accomplished financial entrepreneur who is known as the titan of healthcare investing. While studying at Brown University, he received his BA in Economics and then went on to earn an MD from New York University Medical School. In 2001, Gottlieb earned his CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) from the AIMR (Association for Investment Management and Research); and then in 2010, he received his P.R.M from the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association. Given Gottlieb extensive academic background, he used his passion for medicine to invest in the financial industry. Furthermore, Gottlieb has also connected with Stuart Weisbrod. They are both big sharks in the healthcare industry and are working together for future collaborations.

Recently, Gottlieb has started a new endeavor called Altium Capital. Based in New York City, Altium gears its investments toward the healthcare industry. Their investments are focused on company growth in the healthcare industry; advances explicitly in health and medicine.

Altium has invested in Amarin Corporation (AMRN), Oragenics, and Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP). Oramed is an innovative oral alternative treatment for diabetic patients. ORMP has tested their treatment and released their ingestible insulin capsule to the masses. Furthermore, Altium invested 5.61% stake in this company.

Before Altium, Visium Asset Management was founded by Gottlieb in 2005. Visium was very successful for about a decade. It had grossed over $8 billion and had global offices with over 200 employees. These offices were in New York City, San Francisco, and London. Unfortunately, in 2016 there was a trading scandal that forced Visium to let go of its entire team.

Also, prior to Visium, Jacob Gottlieb was the founding member at Balyasny Asset Management. At BAM, he was known as a top earner because of its extensive portfolio. Before Visium, Gottlieb worked for the Merlin in New York City as an investment portfolio manager. Also, for two years Gottlieb was a buy-side analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC and covered global health care.

A Brief Overview of UpWork

UpWork is a freelance platform that allows professionals and like-minded businesses to connect with another on a global scale. Some of you may be familiar with their former name, Elance-oDesk. Those who want to find out their full name can Google UpWork Global Inc.

The company’s main headquarters are in Moutain Valley, California. You can find out more about them by visiting their profile on LinkedIn or their social media platforms.

The To-Do List: What You Should Be Doing

There was a recent article found online about creating a to-do list that UpWork circulated a while back. I am presenting a shorter version of the list for you to look through. This may give you some idea on how to streamline everyday tasks and get more done during your day than you thought possible.

1) According to UpWork, your have more energy in the morning. Shocking, right?! Compile a list of everything you want to accomplish that is the most important to your day. Planning ahead allows you to make the most of your morning hours. You are not going to want to do it later in the day.

2) Try to keep your lists in one place. That can be hard at times but try. The more you keep your to-do lists in a singular place, the more likely you are to get most of your things finished.

3) Think about what is most important. Organize your lists according to that logic. According to UpWork, the reason some people do not get much accomplished is that they do not organize according to priority. Organize highest to lowest. Organize according to when you plan to start and how long it will take.

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The Right Way To Re-Apply For A Job With Neuroscore After They Have Rejected You Once or Twice

How do you re-apply for something at Neuroscore when they have already rejected you at least once or twice? It is possible, but you need to plan your strategy. Making the wrong move at the wrong time can cause Neuroscore to show you the door forever. That is the last thing you want. See more information about Neurocore at


1) The first thing you should do is find out why Neurocore turned you down in the first place. How can you do that? You could call them and ask the person you interviewed with. They may or may not give you a straight answer. Listen to what they have to say if they do tell you. You cannot fault Neurocore for telling you the truth if that is what you are seeking.

You should also ask yourself why they turned you down. Sometimes the fault lies with the applicant. You need to be honest with yourself if you are going to fix the problem. It is better to know the truth, then remain in the dark and keep getting turned down. There is only so much rejection a person can take before they get honest with themselves. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

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You cannot be afraid of the truth. It is the only thing that sets us free.

2) Do you know someone in your network who does similar work at Neuroscore or somewhere else? Talk to them. They might be able to shed some light on why the job fell through. Listen to what they tell you. They have the job. You do not. It is in your best interest to “hear” them out.

3) Do you want the job with Neurocore? Do you want it so bad you can taste it? You should wait at least3-6 months before you follow up with the hiring manager. Jumping into the ocean before you learn how to swim is going to be disastrous. You need time to develop new skills they may need. You also need to give the company time to possibly make a change during that time. Follow-up and see what happens. You might have been too pushy before which caused them to choose someone else.


Sunday Riley

“We’re selling something that works,” said Sunday Riley at an interview with Allure. She explains why she made her skin care line. Sunday Riley created her products due to not finding products that were effective and safe. She was not satisfied with the ingredients place in products and their lack of effectiveness and felt others could relate to her. She said, “People are very frustrated with skin care.” She is a cosmetic chemist and product formulator, so decided to create products that contain all natural ingredients. They are high priced due to their effectiveness and the quality ingredients used to make them. $100 for each item is worth every penny because it does what it says it does, not like other expensive lotions. Some of her products are Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment, Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream, Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm, and U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil. Sunday Riley put her name on her products because she knows she has formulated a skin care line that works.

Sunday Riley creates nothing but the best that’s why she recommends her products to family and friends. They let her know if something works or needs to be made more powerful. She said, “I only want the best available to people.” If one of her items does not seem right, she goes back to the lab to fix it.

She is careful as to what she put in her products and makes sure it increases skin condition and not make it worse. For example, the use of retinol can cause redness, stinging, and excessive dryness so Riley made sure she used the right amount to improve the skin and not ruin it. The Luna Sleeping Night Oil contains retinol.

She mentioned her budget was not enough for advertising, so she used the social media platform to promote her products and it took off from there.

Sam Jejurikar – A Plastic Surgeon Known for His Professional Bedside Manner

There are some who value a lifelong pursuit of education. For those willing to take the time and make the effort, persistence and commitment usually pays off. Dr. Sam Jejurikar is one such individual. His background education to become a plastic surgeon is extensive in itself. Now, he has decided to go back and pursues his MBA to further his ability to provide the very best in cosmetic surgery.

Originally from Minnesota, he received his BS degree from the University of Michigan. He also received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the university’s medical school. He applied himself and graduated with distinction. Dr. Sam Jejurikar attended school for an additional eight years for training in plastic surgery. Add to his education resume an additional year at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. His education is extensive, and he definitely displays a penchant for learning.

Many who choose cosmetic surgery view it as a way to boost their careers. Others, opt for a younger look that enables them to enjoy a more robust life. Then of course there are those people who undergo plastic surgery to address injuries sustained in an accident. Also, many people now have access to surgery financing options that may not have been available in the past.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s business is based in Dallas. He has gained acclaim for his work in gluteal augmentation which is otherwise known as Brazilian butt lift. As an expert of face, breast, and body plastic cosmetic surgery, he has attended numerous national and international meetings on the subject. As such, many of his peers hold him in high regard.

Patients and colleagues also note Dr. Jejurikar’s bedside manner as being warm and caring. He pays very close attention to detail and places a lot of focus on communicating with patients.

OSI Food Solutions: From Butcher Shop To Global Enterprise

To get straight to the topic of discussion, OSI Food Solutions is one of best food processors in history. Though this statement can certainly be debated, the company’s track record is proven. This special food processor has been in existence for 10 decades. Of course, this means that OSI has up to 100 years of experience in food services industry. This equal-opportunity employer actually employs over 20,000 people on a global scale. The company has factories and facilities in a number of nations, including Poland, Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, Austria, Ukraine, Germany and Hungary. Here in the US, OSI Food Solutions has facilities in Utah, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and California.

The company has made many huge steps in the past half-century. No longer is OSI being led by its founding members. The Kolschowski family has gone into retirement, but their values are strongly embedded within the company’s structure. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin are the company’s new leaders. Both of these professionals bring in invaluable investment knowledge for the business. Lavin is the company’s CEO while McDonald is the company’s president.Lavin has a B.S. in Business, and he has operated his very own financial consulting firm for 15 years.

McDonald has a B.A. in Animal science, and he has worked with OSI for over three decades.With an estimated net worth of over $6 billion, OSI Food Solutions was ranked by Forbes as one of America’s most successful private companies.In 2016, the British Safety Council presented OSI Food Solutions with the prestigious Globe of Honor Award. This particular award goes to a company that exudes excellence in environmental management. On the other hand, OSI has won this award in 2013 and in 2015. All in all, OSI Food Solutions is doing its part in today’s society, and it will continue to push the boundaries of excellence food service .