Sightsavers – Learn How This Organization is Helping Prevent Site Loss and Provide Treatment Across the World

Sightsavers and Its Blog


Sightsavers is an organization that works to help people countries across the world who suffer from blindness and other types of disabilities. On its blog and news webpage the Sightsavers shares with readers the latest efforts it has pursued towards the goal of improving the lives of people with disabilities across the world. Some of these stories include the work they have done in Kenya, India, and Uganda, as well as many more.


The Sightsavers blog and news page also shares stories on recent research developments and lessons learned through the organization’s own projects. As such, it serves as a great resource to learn more on the advances made in topics such as eye health, disability rights, and neglected tropical diseases. The stories also share the work that needs to be done to further this mission to eliminate diseases, particularly in countries with poor or limited access to proper medical care.


Sightsavers YouTube Channel


A touching YouTube video entitled “Blink – Sightsavers” shares the impact of diseases in other countries that cause sight loss in children. This video also informs viewers how they can help by donating towards this cause. It also points out how little the treatment can cost, emphasizing how much a small donation can tremendously impact the life of a child.

Not only is this video informational on the difficulties children face due to the diseases in other countries, but the need for access to treatment. Without this treatment, it can cause children to lose their sight. As treatment to reverse some of these contributors towards blindness is not expensive for many in other countries such as the United States and United Kingdom, it is unfortunately expensive to those suffering from these diseases. As such, a donation that might seem small to some living in more developed countries can truly make a difference and save a child or a few children from losing their sight.


This video illustrates how important the work that Sightsavers does is and the impact it can have on people’s lives across the world that so badly need this help. Through its philanthropic work, Sightsavers is working to help with treatment, raising funds, and promoting awareness of those that suffer from the loss of sight and other disabilities.


Visit the Blog and YouTube Channel to Learn More


Through both its blog and news webpage as well as its YouTube channel, you can learn more about the work that Sightsavers and other organizations are doing to help disabled persons worldwide.

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