End Citizens United Law’s Triumph Progress

Times have changed. Thanks to End Citizens United fighting for a more reformed campaign financing law that will help local activism. Founded in March 2015, the organization has continuously been fighting for the Supreme Court to grant activist societies the tools to raise funding from the public to enable them to resist political oppression. The effects can be seen trickling down seven years later whereby an attempt by the group to air a ninety-minute advertisement exposing Hillary Clinton was bare from being showcased.

End Citizens United sued to have the ruling overturned, and two years later during the time Barack Obama held office, the verdict was overturned. It was the biggest upended case of the century as it changed campaign finance law.

The ruling had a mass effect as it lifted limitations that were imposed on corporations against influencing the mood of elections. Through the judgment, it gave the green light for campaign contributions to be unlimited as well as maintain anonymity that was previously denied. End Citizens United’s two-part process has been working profoundly to stop corporations from interfering with the campaign laws. They have pledged their support to candidates that are bent on making changes to campaign finance laws.

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They have supported individual Republicans who support their cause even though the leadership does not endorse their ideologies. The second part, which includes raising funds, has proven to be effective. They have done this through using online digital platforms. This counteractive measure has seen that massive funding that has been continuously pouring into the coffers of campaign systems from corporate firms. It has also been diverted to their cause. Its grassroots donor capacity has increased to over three hundred and eighty thousand. The high numbers of donors enabled it to raise more than thirty-five million dollars for the past election. With the money, they were able to endorse a staggering one hundred and thirty candidates. The money is not for free as they require the candidates to take an oath barring them from accepting PAC funding.

The results have been overwhelming since many candidates have stopped taking handouts from big corporations and are aligning themselves with End Citizens United to have access to the same funding but for a much worthy cause. The political climate is changing and is blowing favorably towards End Citizens United aspirations. With some of the high tier incumbent officeholders moving to End Citizens United, the tides are soon changing.

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