As a passionate entrepreneur, Ara Chackerian has made numerous investments in the healthcare sector primarily focusing on small companies that are starting up. Chackerian has held various positions throughout his career that span over twenty years. He has worked with ASC capital holdings as a managing partner. Chackerian also serves on the board of TMS health solutions, which he founded, as a board member.

Before starting the TMS healthcare company, Ara Chackerian had put all of his focus on entrepreneurship and making investments, particularly in the health technical services. Several healthcare companies are in existence because of the help that Chackerian gave. The BMC diagnostics, PipelineRx and most recently TMS healthcare are among them. He is a board member of a good number of the early stage healthcare companies all over the San Francisco region.

Chackerian and his partner came up with the idea to start TMS healthcare after deciding to expand beyond providing radiology outpatient diagnostics centers to another sector. A particular service provider gave them the idea to look at the psychiatry sector. They decided to carry out the necessary research on a new type of treatment, the transcranial magnetic stimulation. This proved to be a viable option since TMS could be the other pillar of psychiatric treatment.

The one trend exciting Chackerian in the health sector is the rapidly developing technology. The digitization of healthcare by the creation of applications and telemedicine has become of great importance to the industry. Take for example the psychiatric patients. Once a patient gets depressed, algorithms can help to detect the changes in their way of communication especially the frequency of speech. This helps in identifying the patient’s problem before it escalates.

Chackerian believes that as an entrepreneur, one cannot afford to listen to the opinions of other people, especially those who are not supportive. The best thing to do is cling to an idea and run with it. Look at all the advantages of the concept and why it is a good one. Then finally avoid overlooking its downside. It would be good to ask questions and find out the truth. You can visit their Facebook page.

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