How USHEALTH Group has Succeeded in Serving Millions of Customers in the United States

USHEALTH is the largest insurance provider in America. This company provides a broad range of services through its subsidiaries such as Freedom Life Insurance Company. USHEALTH Group also works in collaboration with partners such as National Foundation Life Insurance. This company operates in a unique way that allows customers to acquire membership with the enterprise.

Once clients secure membership, they are given login details that they can occasionally use to access information, such as health & wellness, coverage & benefits, treatment, and cost estimates.

USHEALTH Group’s products and services

USHEALTH Group is a corporation with the most number of customers in the United States. Some of the services it offers include:

  • Specified Disease/ Sickness
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness cover
  • Income Protector
  • Short-Term Accident Disability Income
  • Dental and Vision Plans

USHEALTH Group pioneers in the provision of customized services to its customers. This company caters to the needs of entrepreneurs who operate small and mid-sized businesses. USHEALTH Group is client-oriented, and it can tailor services to suit the needs of specific customers.

USHEALTH Group awards and accomplishments

This company is run by professionals, such as Troy McQuagge, and his team of experts. Troy McQuagge is a professional who has been able to guide the company to excellence. According to Bloomberg, under his leadership, USHEALTH Group has won a broad range of awards including:

  • The Gold Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service
  • 2016 Company of the Year Awards
  • One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards

USHEALTH Group is a company involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors. This company uses these platforms to help the local communities while showcasing their products. Some of the activities USHEALTH Group has been engaged in include the provision of Military Care Packages and Homes for Warriors.

Both of these endeavors have been directed towards helping the soldiers who risk their lives in the battlefield for the sake of their nation. USHEALTH Group provides them with unique packages like the holiday packages and specialized health care covers.

USHEALTH Group is responsible for training the company’s sales executives commonly known as USHEALTH consultants. This company spends a lot of funds to train their staff to ensure that they provide services at their level best.

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