The Traveling Vineyard Lets People Share Wine And Make Money

If you love wine, working with the Traveling Vineyard may be the perfect job for you. The company hires and trains people to become wine guides that host wine tasting events.

Founded in 2001 by marketing maven Rick Libby, The Traveling Vineyard offers people the opportunity to work with a wine tasting company using a direct marketing model to sell their excellent selection of wines. And you don’t have to be a wine expert to become a wine guide. Traveling Vineyard provides all the training, tools and support you need to turn a fun, relaxed, enjoyable gathering where people sample wine into a lucrative business opportunity.

The process is simple. When someone contacts the Traveling Vineyard to express an interest in becoming a wine guide, the company sends them a Success Kit with all the paperwork, wines and everything else they need. They are also put in contact with a network of experienced trainers and wine guides that will walk them trough the entire process. The company’s website also has numerous training videos to both teach new guides about wine and the process of organizing wine tasting events. Plus the company also holds regional seminars where wine guides network and share techniques and experiences.

At the wine tasting events, the wine guide gives the guests in attendance the opportunity to sample five wines from the Traveling Vineyard’s exclusive collection. The wine guides also provide information on the right wines to pair with any meal. At the end of the evening guests are given the opportunity to purchase the wines of their choice and the option to become wine guides themselves. The Traveling Vineyard delivers the wine and the wine guides receive 35% of the money people spend on wine orders. Wine guides make between $100 and $150 from each event.

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