Securus Technologies- Positive comments and reviews for the year 2015

Securus Technologies recently announced the release of its latest software Investigator Pro 4.0 with JLG technology. The software comes with advanced features and a powerful voice search and recognition ability. The new software is set to help investigators sample out a particular voice from an inmate or telephone call. The voice can later be used to sample out other calls where the same voice occurs. Securus Technologies stated that the software is set to uncover gang related activity through identifying people simply their voices. The technology uses advanced biometrics to help in investigation and solving crimes. Searchable voice combines a variety of features such as identification of criminal networks, group tagging, and voice identity.


Securus Technology CEO, Richard Smith, has worked with the team responsible for the Investigator 4.0 software. The software has gone a long way in helping combat gang-related activity and uncover potential criminal activities by individuals of high interest. The entire network of offenders can now be closely monitored based on the information through their voices and telephone calls.


Users of the software have already benefited from the searchable voice. Securus Technologies has received positive customer reviews noting how the Investigator Pro 4.0 tool has helped solve criminal activities. Users of the software are investigators in the correction facilities. The new searchable voice feature makes use of the latest technology in the market. Investigators and authorities in the correction facilities can follow an individual’s voice, telephone numbers and even their pin. Authorities can further identify if the called party is one of the released inmates or whether it is an individual who had once been incarcerated. The use of the software has helped solve and reduce criminal activities in correction facilities.

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